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Video review: BMW S1000R - Crazy bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Woohoo! Picking up the RnineT next week. :)

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  2. So, it's a jizz machine?
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  3. #3 Heli, Aug 23, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2014
    Great cafe racer :D
  4. Ok so a sensible commuter then and a bit of a good thing?
  5. Loz, you're a class act!
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  6. Oh please let my payout be enough to buy one of these
  7. Actually commuting is the one thing I wouldn't rate it for. Steering lock a bit narrow, bars and mirrors too wide. I got stuck in traffic.
  8. You sure it was the BIKE that was too wide, Loz :LOL:?

    Love the singing, let's see the stuffed-shirt US and UK bike sites come up with something better that that!!!!!
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  9. Well to be fair those guys could ride circles around me. I'm just better at being an idiot.
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  10. Yeah, but you're our idiot
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  11. @Loz@Loz , your comment along the lines of "leave it in second, third, fourth;doesn't really matter" is similar to what I think about my Zthou. Aside from electronic (and otherwise) bling, how do they compare?
  12. I owned a z1000 for 12 months and loved it. I asked Jeff from rapid magazine what he would buy out of a
    Bmw s1000r
    Ktm super duke 1290
    Speed triple
    As he has tested all of them

    He said the bmw, no question
  13. boo :(.. looked up price...
    :eek:.... oh.. in the US :(

    in Aus? $19,000?
  14. If it's the BMW, I'd like to know why. As a matter of interest, not bc I disagree or anything..... I wouldn't know.
  15. The Z has grunt, loads of it. But according to my bum dyno, the Beemer creams it. It's just massive, everywhere. And while I've only had a quick spin on a couple of zeds, the S1000R feels more like a pure streetfighter - a sportsbike with a flat bar. The zed strikes me as a great bike, the bmw took some adjusting to, it scared the shit out of me.
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  16. Oh and as for what I'd be buying if I had a real job and lots of money and no baby, triumph speed triple every day of the week. But that's because I'm a complete hoon at heart; that bike feels like it was tailor made to steam my grundies.
  17. Great review mate. I was keen on one of these but couldn't wait and ended up with the Speedy instead. Something tells me I made the right choice.
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  18. Ahahaha, great review, how'd that bug taste?
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  19. It tasted like $2.00+ with the flip face up. Bloody glad it wasn't a stone!
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  20. Same here regarding being keen on the Beemer, as well as the 1290SD but I couldn't wait either. Instead of the S3, I bought the Tuono and couldn't be happier!