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Video review: BMW R nineT

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Went a bit deeper with this one... Plus got a wonderful cameo out of my dad at the end.

    Next up... MT09! What else is blowing peoples' skirts up? I'm just about ready to start lining up some more!

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    Haha, nice one.

    Brutale Corsa :)
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  3. rofl nice review
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  4. I kinda want to see your old man doing a review now.

    Next up I reckon you need something Italian.
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  5. I've done the 1198, the rsv4 and the Multistrada.
  6. I can probably get hold of an MV without too much drama...
  7. Got a link to the multistrada review Loz? Sorry being lazy.

  8. Here y'are.
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  9. "When he rode it in the snow everyday with no gloves and an old biscuit tin for a helmet... oh those were the days" Ha ha ha ha ha ha..

    Great review..
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  10. That's great thanks mate, love your work.
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    I don't remember seeing them, I shall check them out....

    I wish I'd seen this review before test riding one.
  12. The new 2014 Z1000?
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  13. Mmmmm I've had a quick spin on a couple of those. Having trouble working out who to contact though, I haven't worked with kawasaki before. I'll see what I can dig up.
  14. Nice one Loz.

    Love to see the new DL1000 and new Z1000
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  15. Riding home from work a couple of days ago, was playing with a bloke on the new R nine T.

    Lovely looking machine going down the road. Sounded tough.

    Seemed to pull and pull and pull.

    Looked like slow speed and intricate manoeuvring was a liitle chuggy.
  16. That'll be the snatchy throttle pickup in first gear, they can be a bit of work. Should iron out easily enough though, I'm sure there's fixes for that. I'm trying to get a hold of Suzi and Kawi australia but having no luck. Stay tuned.
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  17. Nice one Loz......liking your take and candour, good humour and delivery within your reviews. Keep it up mate....

    Hell - if you ever "need" a co-pilot.....I'm in Melbourne and would love to flog some demonstrators....just no camera time.....

  18. KTM 1290 Super Duke R.
  19. Looking forward to this one, when should we expect it?
  20. Oh, about now!