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VIC Video of Theft RMIT: Bundoora Campus

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by The Rocketeer, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Not sure where to put this link, but may be of use to someone (i didn't upload it - just found on the internet)
    Date: 21/4/2016
    Location: RMIT Bundoona

  2. Saw that video this morning, wondered where it was located. Did he even manage to get it started or did they roll away tied to that car? Someone should belt that guy. I am guessing that carpark security guy probably doesn't have anything to hit him with (or training) but I'd be okay with arming car park security with a baton and some capsicum spray at least to deal with shit like this.
  3. 14 minutes ago
    Herald Sun

    DAYLIGHT robbery at its most blatant?

    Video has emerged of a man calmly smashing a motorbike’s steering lock in the car park of RMIT’s Bundoora campus as bystanders record it, calling on security to phone the police.

    The masked man is caught smashing his way into the bike.

    He knows there’s a camera on him, but doesn’t care.

    The man appears to bang a spanner into a screwdriver to break the steering lock, before attaching a rope to the bike from a waiting white Subaru. He and his accomplice then drive away as onlookers watch on. The man filming the incident can be heard saying: “Can someone get security? That’s not a hard job. That’s not mine but he’s stealing it for sure. Can someone call the cops?”

    An eyewitness, Neil, told 3AW he later saw the car towing the bike pass him. The bike toppled over as it went around a corner and the rider fell off, sliding along the ground. Police have told 3AW the bike was left at the scene and has been recovered.

    The man isn’t alone, his accomplice waits in a white Subaru.

    A tow rope hanging out of the back window of the Subaru is attached to the bike and the brazen duo drive off.

    People have taken to Facebook to criticise security for not stopping the theft.

    “Good security we got in Melbourne use [sic] r sapose [sic] to stop and hold them down till cops come,” one user said.

    Victoria Police spokeswoman Leading Senior Constable Julie-Anne Newman said police received the report yesterday and were investigating.

    “We are investigating the theft of a motorbike at the university carpark yesterday,” she said.

    RMIT have been contacted for comment.

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  4. #4 Jeffco, Apr 22, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
    Wow so many fails in this video.
    Just goes to show if your parking your bike in secure or security controlled areas isn't worth the sign/s its displayed on.
    A disc lock probably would have been enough deterrent for these dicks.
    God I hope he hurt himself coming off
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  5. :|
    Now I'm stuck in my lecture worrying about my bike....
  6. Love how they call it a white Subaru - freaking Lancer..

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  7. bastards..

    security can't do much in this case.. they're a toothless dog..

    someone should try setup bait bikes like this

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  8. I like the guy that decided to walk away with it, was hoping he managed to keep it
  9. Wtf.

    Seriously.. This is a fcuked up scenario.
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  10. Its not often I wish for a mob mentality, shame it didn't happen in the first vid.Scum.
  11. I watched it, waiting for the crash tackle by the owner to begin, but it never happened.

    Never bring a screwdriver to a knife fight...
  12. I see this video as a classic example of how impotent and dependent on authorities we've become as a country. Thieves are free to steel what they want in front of other people (even security guards) - the only concern they have is if the police rock up. (And even then - with VicPols antipursuit policy, they've got a half reasonable chance of still getting away)...

    The thin blue line has become anorexic with real crime... with so much focus invested in infrastructure that won't stop crime, but will raise revenue.

    To me, this is another reason why our country needs to rethink it's non lethal weapon regulations. This criminal had a hammer and screwdriver. A can of pepper spray or a tazer could have made a big difference to the outcome here, and taken a crook off the street. (Two if they manage to use him to find his partner)...

    I've been a strong advocate for the use of non-lethal defense items for a while now - particularly with the violence we see against women and their inability to defend themselves with no more than a scream for help, and dialing 000 - waiting for the police to arrive.
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  13. It seems to me that everyone these days are more interested in filming incidents rather than doing anything to stop them. I hope the budding film maker got a good shot at the cars number plate although I guess it was also stolen.
  14. Scumbag should learn how to ride first before stealing a bike.
  15. Guys like these have a knife/gun on them or close at hand and happy to use them. Unless the filmer had a gun/taser or is Bruce Lee, there's not much he could have done. He would've got badly injured or killed if he attempted IMO.
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  16. Anyone else think that simply tailing these guys would have been the smart thing to do?
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  17. Security guards. They can't stop a motorbike thief but I had a guard inexplicably almost physically take me on for parking in a motorbike bay next to his security car. There was no reasoning with him. I'm sure that if someone were actually trying to steal my ride, he would not have shown that much aggression. Being a 5'1" female, I guess he thought that I would be easy to intimidate. Unfortunate fellow.
  18. I suspect he was suffering from SDS (Small D1ck Syndrome) ;)
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  19. Andrew WestAndrew West yes, that's exactly what it was. And yet, we see them standing around when bikes are being brazenly stolen like the clip above because they are afraid of either taking on someone who may be drug affected and wielding a screwdriver/hammer, or facing legal charges for restraining a potential thief. It's just nuts.
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