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video mount to bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jeffatav, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Just mucking about at chrissy and decided to mount the video camera to the bike.

    My family took the p@#@ outta me straight away, and I said "wait till one of their bike riding mates find out, I bet he thinks it's an awsome idea"

    Sure enough after they had continued to bag the sh@tter out of me for about six hours straight, in rocks the biker and instantly backed me up. The look on their faces was priceless :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    They think I am going to leave it on and tape every ride, every day!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway, after the third attempt of differing supports., I think I've got it right now and it sits bracketed beside the clutch lever.

    Anyone had similar efforts???

    Once I follow some decent riders or something interesting pops up, I'll post it up!

  2. Look forward to seeing some footage boy!

    Was walking thru town Xmas eve & came across a bike that had the
    lens taped to fairing behing pillion seat.

    Would be good to post pic of your camera mount/position as well.
  3. I know Jafu will read this here so............Dave, emmuch for a mount for the firestorm?

  4. OK tomorrow I'll post up a couple of shots of the mount and camera!
  5. Kewl. :wink:

    Its one of those things (tape rides) I've always said I want to do but still to pull my finger out & do it. :roll:
  6. You might be better off with a still camera Vic, at the speed you ride you could string them together as a video :p
  7. The mount was easy because I rude a cruiser [-X :eek: :roll: :roll: :LOL: :LOL:

    Used a small peice of aluminium channel bolted under the clutch lever pivot and the head from a tripod. I can easily change angles and can easily remove with one bolt. I had to use a channel as a flat peice was like a spring board, and an angle had too much twisting effect. Also had to keep it all as short as possible. It was Xmas an all shops were closed so I had to make do with anything I had in the garage. You could change it a bit with clamps etc to suit anything, but the best bit is to find a tripod head.

    The best image result is to "tape" the ride, but when I convert to media card, the image blurs. Stills from tape to card are fine!



    Stephen Speilberg
  8. I'm a slow rider :)
  9. Not even in your dreams Vic. :p :grin:
  10. These are really good:

    Cost around $65 for the bar mount, arm and camera ball. Flexible, sturdy and well-made. I've got one with a 5" arm and it stood up well even around a racetrack. You get 'em from Johnny Appleseed in St. Kilda road.
  11. G'day everyone,.......

    What I would be interesed in is a way to mount a G.P.S on a Fireblade!
    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?