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Video Logging picked up some cheap gear.

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Brendan Carley, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. So I picked up a cheapo camera not sure exactly what is going to be the result in quality will be when I attach this thing to the bike i'm hoping to give it a crack tomorrow.

    I think the main thing I will struggle with will be the editing at the end product.

    what are some of the best free/open source video editing software that people have used ?

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  2. Fixed it for you :) Sorry couldn't help myself.

    A couple of video connoisseurs on another forum I visit have made the point that if you are going to edit HD, you need a pretty good machine, preference seems to be Mac, but a run of the mill PC or laptop is not going to do too good once you start throwing in multiple cameras and PinP shots.

    Is Windows Movie Maker still available ? that was suppose to be okay for simple stuff.
  3. I tried using Wondershare Filmora as it wasn't too expensive for a one year sign up and had enough features to mess around with while still being somewhat simplistic.

    EDIT: I believe it was around the $60 mark price wise
  4. I just checked that camera and gear on ebay - great price, hope it works good for you. looking forward to seeing the results!
  5. Yup it is and I used it to make the following clip. Now I'm no expert but the result was good enough for me.

    I'm also using the same cam setup as Brendan CarleyBrendan Carley has and for an Ebay cheapie I think it does an ok job. In saying that the recording sound quality isn't the best so I just turn that off. One thing I would suggest Brendan CarleyBrendan Carley is to grab some spare batteries, I got a set of three and a charger for around $20 and that does a full days recording for me.
    Enjoy and look forward to seeing some of your results ;)
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  6. what size memory card are you using Westie? what settings - 1080? what about frame rate? I want to set up my gopro and the card seems to full up pretty quickly.
  7. So I took the camera for a test ride. nothing special, around the block and a bit more sort of thing. Now I'm armed with raw footage that was 1.4GB in size. so I've cut it down to 279mb and have to wait for it to upload to You Tube.

    Defiantly needing to adjust the camera Angle up

    I'm not too worried about battery life as I will probably hook the camera up to the usb charging port on the bike and perhaps mod the camera with a new microphone and mount the microphone separately.

    The whole wi-fi app thing was rather handy to set things up rather than fiddling with the camera buttons.

    I'm looking into higher capacity memory card 64gb is the max the camera will hold. i'm impressed on how cheap these little cards are.
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  8. Finished uploading here.
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  9. Good one, you can see/hear what I mean about the sound quality.
  10. I have a 32 Gb card and settings 720P 1280x720 30fps
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  11. I just checked out that 4K camera on line. Looks remarkably similar to my SJ4000. I notice that the 4K has a "car mode" feature so you can use it as a dash cam in your car - you plug it into a USB power adapter and when the ignition is turned on the camera starts recording and charging. Mine does the same thing so I have the USB rigged to a switch on the handlebar so I can turn the camera on and off as I ride and only record the stuff I want. I use one of these cases. No guarantee but it looks like it should fit your camera.
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  12. Yes I think the sj camera is the same thing that case kit so cheap much easier that modding it myself nice one.
  13. Some great roads you've got there, old mate :LOL:
  14. they look even better if you change the Quality to 720pHD!
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  15. Planning a good long rideout on Tuesday weather permitting. hoping to do the southern loop through cygnet and back to hobart.
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  16. So the weather was fantastic, I walked away with about one and a half hours of video. currently uploading around 35 minutes of the ride. this is 3GB of video! I have mounted the camera higher on the bike and it needs a bit more adjusting but its getting better. The sound was more obnoxious in this location on the bike. I'm going to work on a solution.
  17. So it took all night and most of the morning to upload but here it is raw - as i said definitely needs cleaning up with sound capture. I've read about a modification one can do to the camera to add a better microphone. i'm not a stranger to working on circuit boards so I think it will turn out ok. I've also decided to get a 2nd camera for some different shots.

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  18. Looks great for a non-brand cam. If you are ok with adding audio later try a H1 Zoom with a lapel mic.
  19. the zoom mic is out of my budget, so i'm planning to solder a mic input jack into the cheap cam and then use a 1$ lapel mic. based on what im doing i should be getting around 7 hours of record time at 1080p

    Its highly unlikely I will be using the audio to capture me talking just ask hornethornet about that one haha. (thinking back to a ride to Morriset)
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  20. It would take too long here to document my relationship with Brendan. It began probably eight to ten years ago, right here on Netrider, when his username was Dante. He was quite chatty on line, and joined some others of us for a ride from Hornsby (where he then lived), to Morrisset for lunch at the pub. He had an old slab-sided GSXR-1000, as I remember. When we got to the pub we all ordered our food and for the whole time we were there, while the conversation ebbed and flowed, Brendan sat in the corner and said not one single word. We mounted up and headed back to Sydney.. I deduced that he was at least pretty shy sort of person: it was only in my further many personal contracts with him and his family that I learned that even going out for a ride with a few other people was, for him, a major social breakthrough.
    The rest of the story is that Brendan moved to Tasmania, met a delightful young lady called Loretta, fell in love, and then rang me to ask if I would come down for his wedding, and be one of his groomsmen. I, of course, was overjoyed to do both.
    A couple of years ago, Brendan and Loretta rang me from Sydney: they were in town to celebrate his father's 70th birthday, and could they come down to Wollongong and have lunch with us? Of course, we said, and duly met to have lunch, and for Loretta to tell us that she was pregnant!! Only distance prevented us from being little Anthony's god-parents.
    I count them among my dearest friends..
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