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Video/Gro Po help !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mick80, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys after a little video/go pro production help.

    To illustrate the problem here are screen shots of videos I made early on;

    2. 3. 4. 5.

    The last couple I have made have come out like this;

    1. 6.

    My problem is the display aspect in the last two. I would prefer they filled the screen the same way the previous ones. Doesn't matter what type of player I use, they have the same issue.

    I have gone back and checked the raw footage for both types and they appear to have the same properties when recorded. Each video uses footage recorded on go pro, a contour cam, and video from a Sony RX100 III.

    So I believe the problem must be operator error in the editing and processing stage. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

    I have tried exporting the more recent videos using the same settings as the older ones, however always end up with the same view.

    I know it must be operator error, anyone able to identify the issue or have any suggestions ?
  2. How very odd! The only thing I can think off is that you have the setting changed but you've said you've used the same setting as previous ones so that can't be the case. I wonder if you accidentally set up a "margin" or "border" in some way, like in Premiere Pro I believe there is a setting that crops the final video for more common aspect ratios instead of using the larger resolution.

    Can you tell what resolution differences there are between the old ones and the new ones after processing and exporting?
  3. I assume that settings somewhere have changed, it's the only thing that could explain it, just wasn't done deliberately !

    I say the settings are the same after looking at the properties etc and appear the same.

    To the naked eye the resolution appears the same but can that be confirmed through properties of the file ?
  4. Right clicking on the file then go to "details" *should* tell you all the relative info about the file, time length, frame width and height and rate etc etc.