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Video Gamers more dangerous than Bikie Gangs (SA A-G)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/02/16/2820606.htm

    South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has stepped up his personal attack on video game campaigners, likening them to bikie gangs.

    The Gamers4Croydon group is running candidates for next month's SA election, demanding there be a R-rating classification for video games.

    Mr Atkinson remains opposed and has told the ABC's Good Game program of threats made to him.

    "About two o'clock in the morning I had a threatening note from a gamer shoved under my door," he said.

    "I feel that my family and I are more at risk from gamers than we are from the outlaw motorcycle gangs who also hate me and are running a candidate against me."

    Mr Atkinson holds a veto power on changes to national classification laws and is opposed to relaxing a ban on R-rated computer games.

    This guy and Senator Conroy make a good pair!
  2. Man that guy really needs his head read.
  3. And that's what shits me.

    The media can't even get it right. No one is asking them to relax a ban on R rated games, THERE AREN'T ANY! What we are complaining about is the fact that there is a LACK of an R classification for games, meaning that the highest rating is MA15+, and all to often, games that SHOULD be rated R, and kept away from children, are given the M rating and put on the shelves for anyone who wants them.

    Giving the Australian video game market an R classification can only go to further protecting your kids from content they don't need. Anything deemed worse than R can still be refused classification as is the current practice.
  4. Aww diddums. Did they call ums nasty names? If a single 2am note is the worst he's had in a public life long enough to make State A-G, he must have been pretty bloody ineffectual, quite frankly.

    Yes, how dare those horrible bikies utilise the democratic process in an entirely reasonable and legitimate manner to highlight the fact that he's a complete ********.
  5. VTR, you're spot on. There's no R rating at all - there's nothing to be f*****g relaxed!
  6. not quite right there, games that Should be R rated, are not even allowed to be sold in Australia, and if they do make through, they have high levels censorship. However, these same games can be easily obtained from online stores without any censored material.

    What we really want is, a classification which help the parents decide what game is harmful for their children and what isn't. And most of the survey's taken, show that the average gamer's age isn't 10yrs....
    So, most of the adult gamers should also have an option to buy/play what they want to. They can get the content anyways, and even way cheaper from the retail price in Australian markets. But the new classification system in place would help the game resellers in Australian market as well.

    If an individual gets affected by violence and reacts or enacts them in real life, then its not the game thats responsible alone. Its the individual's phsychological state. And that state can be equally stimulated by violent movies (which have the R classifications already) or even by reading other violent acts on news.

    Mr Atkinson seriously can't see sense in here, and talks about varied topics which are NO WAY related to what we are standing up for.
  7. Sorry mate, but I have to correct you on this. What I stated in the first instance is exactly how it is. There are many many games that have recieved R ratings in both the Euro and US regions, and have gone on to hit Australian shelves rated at MA15+ with NO censorship or material changes AT ALL. The reason for this is as I stated, that Australia does not have an R rating for Gaming media, and thefore it either gets the highest rating we have, MA15+, or it gets denied classification(banned). One of the most memorable titles on the list is this one, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playboy:_The_Mansion.

    It was sold in Australia under the MA15+ rating, in its uncut form, which recieved an 18 rating in Britain and an AO rating in the USA. These details are in the column on the far right hand side of screen.

    Then for one we all know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV
    This has recieved an R18 rating in almost EVERY region it was released, except Australia. Why? Because we just don't have an R rating. Was it banned? No. Can you have sex with prostitutes? Yes. Casn you then cave their heads in with a bat to get your money back? Yes. Want your 12 year old playing it??? Again, the information is on the far right of screen.

    Keep in mind this is just a few titles of many. Sure occasionally the developers will bend to the whims of the bureaucrats, and change a detail here and censor some boobies there, and get their titles approved an on the shelves.

    But there is a lot of content, like drug use and dismemberment, that younger children do not need to have access to, that through our lack of a proper ratings system, we are unable to control.

    At least if your kids drag you into a video game shop and ask for "that one" an R18+ rating may make you think twice. But it would seem from the sheer number of young kids playing these games that an M rating does not have anyone looking twice.

    Just wanted to clear that up.
  8. Atkinson is just above Conroy on my "People to kill for the benefit of Australia if I get a terminal illness and am immune to suffering incarceration" list.
  9. Just wish wowsers like this would stop getting positions of power

    an R rating would maybe make some parents look at the rating and go 'gee maybe I shouldn't let my 5 year old play this' I have seen so many parents buy GTA and other games for little kids... I have told a few customers when they go to buy it... do you realise what this game lets you do... most of them have no bloody clue... a few didn't care.

    Most real gamers are older, we have R rated music and movies so why not games?? The graphics aren't as realistic as they are in movies... and perhaps to some personalities it could act as a release for certain tendancies to play a game where they can perform things you can't legally do in real life.

    The type of games they normally carry on about eg: Japanese **** games wouldn't even get an R rating they would be refused so it isn't like all of a sudden we would have games letting you simulate ****, incest etc... most times the violence has to be contextual and murdering innocent people usually results in bad consequences for the character
  10. Sir, please accept this small quantity of plutonium wrapped in asbestos as a gift.
  11. i would personally assist in attaching the lazers and knives to the puppies for boink to throw at him.
  12. His head is so far up his ass he can probably see his own vocal cords. Just like Conroy, a jackass hellbent on forcing his own lack of sense upon the country, even if we don't want it.

    When the shithead dies, I'm going to show up at the funeral to piss on his graveā€¦ and I hope whatever causes his health is very, VERY painful.
  13. VTRAffair: going by other releases, movies, etc I understood the R rating in US to be the equivalent of MA rating here. But regarding Playboy, I see your point.
  14. If i was a bikie i'd be HEAPS pissed off, here i go..dedicating myself to a life of outlaw crimes and adopting this bad ass image and now i'm out shined by a kid who rolls with a keyboard and a joystick. Time to give up.
  15. Dont know about the Playboy mansion, maybe you are right on that.

    But GTA4 released in AU was a censored version. So was Silent Hill:Homecoming, Dark Sector, Left 4 Dead 2, Soldier of Fortune Payback etc. Games like Postal 2, Manhunt series, Risen, Phantasmogoria etc were banned completely.
    On the other hand, games like Carmageddon was released without any censorship. (like you said Playboy Mansion was).

    Now talk to any serious gamer (naah not those who spend their lives on video games, but just those who dont think Wii Tennis is the only best game in the universe) they all have a copy of unedited versions of the games I mentioned above...including the banned ones.
    The kids just go to their parents asking for the game, most parents just let them order online, thinking 'its just another game'.

    What you said is right, we need a classification, so that the parents can make an active decission while making the purchase here, while the adult gamers can decide what they want to play and what not, instead of someone else dictating it to us (same with Internet Censorship)

    We are in the same team, got to stop friendly fire, and attack the opponent base instead :p
  16. Not at all mate, from your first post I gathered we were on the same side, so if it came across as friendly fire I am indeed sorry.

    My intention for that post was simply to outline the argument in a way that it can not be misinterpreted. One of the biggest problems that the R game lobby is facing is tat people are not reading the information, but instead skimming the headlines and forming an opinion on what they think it is about.

    Most people seem to think that we are pushing for an R rating so that we can get even nastier video game content onto Australian shelves. That is entirely not the case. What is trying to be achieved is to bring the Australian video game rating system in line with the rest of the world, so that parents can make an informed decision about what they are giving their kids access too.

    Refused classification will always still be an option, so the nasty Asian raype play stuff and shit like that will ALWAYS be kept in check, we are not asking for that to be changed.

    I strongly believe there are games that are being given an MA15+ rating, that should instead be classified as R, but without an R rating, it can not happen.

    This is something that all parents should feel strongly about, but because of media and government misinformation like that of Twatkinson, people are getting the wrong idea about the goals that are being fought for.

    So yeah, sorry if I seemed hostile.
  17. Personally I don't see why state AG's have any input whatsoever to a national classification system.

    I don't appreciate the lack of accountability going on here either. Whathisface claims his stance is due to concern about the interactivity of games as increasing the impact of them. So far all the studies I've seen about this subject indicate that healthy balanced people can easily separate reality and fantasy and are not influenced unduly by games, movies, books or other external input. Any arguments relating to children are rendered moot by the fact that establishing an R18 classification would be done with the very clear intent to correctly classify material and prevent it from being available to minors.

    Instead of the usual parliamentary checks and balances where an opposition member could call 'shenanigans' on a pollie touting such an opinion we have this ineffectual system where one man's opinion (uneducated and personally biased) is left unchecked. That's not democracy, that's a dictatorship.

    In the same vein we have Conroy wanting to censor the entire fricking internet but at the same time pushing a National Broadband Network that you just know is going to be about 4 times over budget by the time it's delivered, it'll take twice as long to finalise, and by the time it is available technology will have superceded it with something cheaper and faster. I'm yet to have anyone clearly explain to me the advantages of even faster internet that what is currently available and why it is a good way to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer's money.

    I'm sure all those people looking for better infrastructure like hospitals, schools, social programs, disabled care, green power and so on will be able to console themselves that they can at least download their pron even faster than before. Oh hang on, I forgot we're going to censor all that stuff aren't we. So why are we pursuing the NBN again?

    Just more reasons why Rudd won't be getting my vote at the next election.

    In the mean time I'll continue to buy my games overseas, to the economic detriment of local business and the Australian Government. Do they realise how much revenue from GST they are missing out on here? What if JB Hi-Fi were selling 20% more games than they already do? How many extra jobs could that create locally?

    In the short term, the easiest way around this is to form an independent panel that establishes classification criteria using a consultative process and get rid of the AG's out of the decision making process altogether. Chances of that happening in an election year? Yeah, I thought so!
  18. watch out for those bikie computer gamers...theyre the worst
  19. I dunno, I'd definitely rock this:

  20. What is to stop you buying this from over seas and importing it, will customs pick it up?