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Video from Raven

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by raven, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Since it's pretty quiet and the boredom of winter is driving me mad, I dug up one of my summer vidoes and decided to put it up on u-tube...I'm not on my limit, but I'm still peddling along.

    EDIT# Video link removed - put somewhere else where it can be shared with select friends only!

  2. Maybe it's just me... and I mean no offence 'cos that video was quite nice... but I really hate it when people cross the dividing line on bends on the Black Spur.

    Scares the poos out of me when I'm travelling in the opposite direction.
  3. god, that is one wonderful road.

    hit the rev limiter a little didnt u john on 1:30ish....lol.
  4. hehe...yeah...I wanted to hold that gear up to the next corner...but it got up into the overrun so I had to let it go and snick up a gear for a second or two, before snicking straight back down and hard on the brakes again. Oh well. :)
  5. There's a difference between meaning to and pretending to, if the rider is in control it's not a problem, except for those who can't tell the difference. :)
  6. I see what you're saying but it makes very little difference when you are leaning in from the opposite direction and are faced with someone who 'knows what they're doing' coming straight at you.

    It's still a 5 cent, arse clenching experience.

  7. i understand mate, but with more experience you'll be able to distinguish who knows their shit and who doesn't very quickly. After time it wont phase you if you're confronted with a rider 'coming at you' if you know their trajectory, it's the loose cannons that will freak you out, sometimes you wont even be sure if they are going to make through the corner.

    You will arse pucker when they need their lane, your lane and part of the scenery to get around you, everything else will look easy by comparison.
    It's a case of what you're used to.

    Oh and one more thing, the B.S. has some secrets to it that only the regulars discover, for the part timers it will always be an enigma, but that wont stop them talking about it like they have a clue :wink:
    Not a stab at you btw, just an observation.
    If you ever want to find the secrets, find a regular.
  8. Well, you got the "tosser" part of the video title right.
  9. Totally understand what you're saying.

    Been a regular since I started driving/riding.

    Like I said, maybe it's just me.

    I don't know Raven but he definitely seems to know what he's doing.

    My arse still tightens everytime it happens though.

  10. The first few hundred times scared the shitzer outta me, but after a few thousand times it all made sense....

    See what I mean?
  11. ahahaha...did'nt take long.. :roll:
  12. Other peoples opinions aside. I absolutely see what you mean.

  13. No offence taken..:)...At some point you'll get to the stage where you don't even notice oncoming bikes or cars etc because you are so focused on what you are doing on your own bike. That car or bike that just wizzed past you in the opposite direction has already been dealt with long before they got to you, and has become irrelevant by then.

    Don't listen to me too much though...I'm a "tosser"... :wink: Just ask whatshisface.. :LOL:

  14. Nice memories there Raven!

    fek, where Raven is across the line there is nothing coming that he's likely to upset. The guys that Chef is talking about are the riders who are on the wrong side because they're out of control. The former (Raven) are never a problem, it's always the latter that are the concern.

    How's the BS now Raven? Has the vegetation returned and what's the enforcement from the PoPo like?
  15. Pretty risky riding, fun? sure! But risky...

    Certainly a terrible example of how to best preserve one's life.
  16. Sure it might not have been a 100% legal run, but raven looked well in control the whole time. There seemed to be plenty in reserve to deal with an unexpected situation. Some nice lines in there too. Nice vid.
  17. hope you have your asbestos suit on Raven :grin:

    nice vid, they were awesome days :cool:
  18. Great Video John !

    Thanks for sharing
  19. Only 4 min?
  20. Yeah...a bygone era now, mate. :-(..
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