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Video from a pillions point of view

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Medic please, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. These are some clips off a video I made with a camera mounted at the rear of the bike looking over the rider.

    I was getting sick of all the speedo cams and wheely videos and thought something different was needed.

    I'm still developing it trying to find the best place for the mic and reducing vibrations being the main ones.

    On this test run I neglected to properly check the aim so it is a bit low and only gives occasional glimpses of horizon. On my last pass the head of the mount disintegrated so a complete new one is being made.

    Sorry for the the short ( 15 secs each ) clips but the cam will only let me mpeg that much at a time. Once the computer is sorted out again I will put some longer better quality clips up.

    In clip 4 there appears to be some unexplained wheelspin or clutch slip followed by an equally unexplained shift in camera angle which self corrects.

    Turn the sound up there is no wind noise only sweet engine and mechanical music.

    clip 1 http://view.break.com/569406

    clip2 http://view.break.com/569405

    clip3 http://view.break.com/569404

    clip4 http://view.break.com/575391
  2. Pretty good angle. Would love to see a full run through that section.
  3. The full video goes for about 1h 15mins. I did 4 passes thru the same section on fathers day just gone.

    I must have watched it 30 times since. Turn the sound up and it's almost like you are there on the big screen. Everytime I feel like a ride but can't get out for one reason or another I flick it on.

    Don't know why but screaming engines aren't everyones cup of tea. I think I may be annoying a few family members around here.

    She.......err "they" seem to be doing a lot of eye rolling at this stage. Not sure where THAT'S going. :shock:
  4. Great work! :grin: Nice to see something different, and to include the rider in the pic.

  5. lol @ clip 4, smartarse :p
  6. Well Done!
    Hey ..that's a great idea for monitoring riding progress :idea:
    ie body positioning etc
  7. Nice idea. I think a bit lower and angled slightly up so that you can see a bit more of the road ahead as well would be awesome.
  8. Posting on break!Hmmmm did you expect the home page?????
  9. haha
    Well I could do with a new helmet and a set of tyres.
    I thought you never know there has been some real crap on there.

    Sadly it looks like the bank account will suffer a slight dent.
  10. Do another vid but break your ankle and your guarenteed the $400 :rofl:
  11. Should have had the cam on the time I got the spud stuck between the triple claps and the frame prior to not making a right hand turn. :roll:
  12. where is the knee down? haha
    how is it mounted? is there just a massive pole coming up the bac of the bike?
  13. This was a fairly flimsy aluminium tripod jury rigged to a ventura rack.

    It was a bit of an odd sight. Almost finished a purpose built one that hopefully won't disintegrate. Without the rack this time so hopefully vibration will be less.

    Weird seeing yourself riding like this and picking up what you are doing right and wrong. Would love to strap it on at a track if allowed.

    Ha I could put sparkly knee sliders on woohoo. too cool :cool: