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Video evidence that Camrys are faster than sportsbikes.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by fekkinell, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. #1 fekkinell, Jan 10, 2012
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  2. I like how all the bikers wore black, and the sky even darkened while they were in shot...
  3. I like how those japanese sports bikes sounded like farting harleys.
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  4. ha bag my camry now ya sportsbike riding pussy bastards :bannanabutt:
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  5. Youtube comment: "These advertisers really do think the people they sell to are drooling morons."
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  6. If I'd known it was that fast I'd have kept my 6 cylinder Camry...
  7. 10km/l isn't all that flash for a hybrid.
    v6 commodores get that
  8. the front looks a lot like the subaru impreza at first glance.
  9. I'm sorry the Camry is still slower than my old Daddo 120Y

    the 120Y had better fuel economy too!

    I used to get more lean (read body roll) in the 120Y than I do on my VFR too!
  10. so I should be ashamed of my R1
  11. Or owning an R6, seems like Camry's have both your numbers!
  12. well obviously Toyota placed 10,000 ricer stickers to add horsepower.............we cant see them because they are on the inside along with JDM and TRD badges lol.
  13. JDM isn't a performace company, it means Japanese Domestic Market.
    in a literal sense it's a name given to cars or bikes in the japanese market, even if they're exported to other countries.
  14. Yep. The level of stupidity and BS in that makes me want to douse the twits responsible in old sump oil.
  15. ZOMG!!! never mind the bikes, with the "rush of 200 horsepower" it can even outrun fighter jets!! haha
  16. I know that...............but all those ricers have JDM stickers plastered everywhere.
  17. must be a southern thing, can't say i've ever seen it
  18. Now seems like a good time for somebody (so I keep my hands clean) to post an Arab Drift clip, showing what happens when camries are driven by the brain dead.
  19. Is it just a short clip of a man in a hat driving through a garden bed, parking on someone's dog and then popping into the newsagents for a copy of DIY watch polishing? ;)