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Video Editing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Don't know if this is the right spot for the question but...

    Hypothetically, what specifically do people need to think about when editing videos if they were speeding etc and didn't want it to be able to be proven by said video? HYPOTHETICALLY.

    E.g. Speedo? Number Plates? Frame Rates? Clocks? Elapsed Time of Video? Your Pinky Finger? Other People's Number Plates? Emus? Rev Gauge? Kittens Exploding?

    P.s. This is a serious question.
  2. A friend of mine had video of himself doing something which a cop alleged to be illegal, but he had a vid camera running at the time which demonstrated his innocence in that matter. He went to court, he took the video footage which I had edited to crop out the speedo. Before the hearing he showed the footage and they dismissed it on the spot :)

    If you need further advice, you're welcome to PM.
  3. easy, dont make it public, u can block your speedo, but they can use point to point judgement and work out your speed that way
    (if they really wanted to)
  4. Nae worth it mate.
  5. Hypothetically... Don't film yourself doing dumb shit. ;)
  6. Keep the vids for your own viewing pleasure, or in person with friends. Be very careful posting anything on the unrestricted sites..
    You can imagine some of the cool vids that many riders have, that the beige brigade would Go silly over.
  7. Cheers all for the replies.

    I mainly wanted to do it so I can let my mates watch without having to physically be there.

    Guess I can't be lazy :)

    Hypothetically :LOL: