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Video Camera for bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. *mods feel free to move if there is a better place to post this*

    I am interested in getting a video camera i can mount on my bike. I see it as another training tool in my road craft as a new rider.

    I currently have a 2009 GS500F and was thinking about one that mounts on the bars.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a decent cam that won't cost the earth that comes with mounts etc.

    I have done some google searches and found plenty of cams but with zero experience with them I wouldn't have a clue what is a good deal and what isn't.

    cheers in advance

  2. There are quite a few out there. I looked at the usual ones - GoPro, Contour, Drift - but in the end went for a Vio Pov 1. It's not HD, but good enough for internet videos IMHO. It has some good features, the only downside is the size of the main unit.
  3. gopro + RAM mounts.
  4. GoPro comes with a handfull of different mounts. I put one of them permanently on my front brake fluid reservoir. Perfect for my purposes, but I'm not interested in the cam picking up the speedo.
  5. The downside with size being it is large?

    Scuse my ignorance.... RAM?

    What you looking at pricewise for one of these?
  6. I think most aus retailers are in the range of 350-400 (inc au warranty). Unless you get another group buy together.
  7. check out the O/S online sellers for the cheapest price. Should around 300 or less
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    dunno about others, but i've never found mounting the cam on the bars much good. just too much vibration from bumpy roads. on a nice smooth road fine. but generally not so great.
    best i've found is to mount it on myself somewhere. helmet or chest. somewhat more convenient too, as no pissing around removing camera from bike when parked. but then, i don't ride without a cam, ever. full time rider, nearly get cleaned up say, once a fortnight, by some idiot. (just one example from last week linked below, glad i was'nt turning right)
    no shortage of idiots on the roads. one of them will make me rich someday.

    go pro 325 bucks for the whole kit incl postage from riders discount. great set ups and great picture, but you can still find plenty that will do the job for a third the price or less.
  9. Plus one for the GoPro and mount on the helmet .
  10. I think I am with the masses here. I will be picking up a gopro 960 (for 265) over the HD. Seeing I can put the difference towards more mounts or even a chest harness.

    Don't think there's is anything wrong with the contour HD. And it is priced very well @ ~299 for 1080p although sound quality and a known lens issue in some examples deter me. Big plus for this camera is that it is more streamline than the go pro.

  11. I brought a GoPro Motorsports HD video camera about a month ago from Sportsbiketrackgear, it was $230USD (took advantage of the the shit USD rates as well :p) at the time so I picked up a LCD BacPac as well and it cost $30 to ship out. The camera was on back order so I waited a week or two extra which was fine by me because I didn't need the camera ASAP.

    Haven't used any other cameras aside from a MD80 from eBay which was pretty average but what do you expect when it's a $25 camera.
  12. its just another brand of mounting system. they do heaps of mounts to suit the go pro, and any other sort of thing under the sun that you can think of.

    ram mount
  13. Just bought a go pro 960 today for 259 from camera warehouse. Best purchase I had made in a long time. Worth every dollar, and the mounting systems with go pro just make it that much more attractive.

  14. I bought a cheap camera mount off ebay (under $20) and put a regular point and click camera on it on the handlebars.

    Worked much better then I was expecting. Also, you can get a high def video recording point and click for $80 now days so even if you haven't got a camera floating around it is only a hundred bucks to try it out.

    Having a cruiser, it was a no brainer to mount it on the bars behind the shield. Sportie bight not be so simple.
  15. Mick, I tried the video camera I have at home [digital tape] so it fits the palm of your hand, I bought a bracket that bolted to twobolts on my petrol cap surrournd on the tank, worked a treat, if you have a small camera already you can try that option. Bracket cost me about $65 I think from a bike shop in North Road Ormond but the name escapes me at the moment!
  16. From all your replies there certainly is a tonne of options out there!

    Thanks for all the info it has given me a few great ideas to start looking.
  17. G'day mate,

    Are you talking like a sony handicam?
  18. Couldn't you get a bracket for your mobile and video using that?