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[Video] A slightly different hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dspark, May 31, 2008.

  1. Hi. Im new to the forum. Rather than tell you about my bike (not that its anything special) I thought I might show you.

    My bike, my brother riding.


  2. Welcome. Cool way of saying hello :) Some very nice shots in there, good on you for making and effort :D I'm right this second capturing the footage I just took on a Sony A1.. due next wednesday
  3. Hey mate, welcome :grin:

    Cool video :cool:
  4. Welcome :)

    re: video... that's a unique hello... juzoutacuriousity, is your brother teaching you to ride?
  5. interesting way to introduce your bike atleast.

    Nice to see he was wearing a nice protective jacket and setting a good example for you.
  6. Naw we're learning together - i seem to be doing most of the reading about riding and then we discuss / test.

    Yeah we're both abit sorry about that - we started off just in the street then went further but def shoulda been wearing protective gear (as we always do).
  7. Ahh good to hear that you wear your gear (hey that rhymed)

    Happy learning
  8. All good dspark

    If you'd like some (helpful?) observations, lemme know. im not an instructor but have mentored learners and there are some obvious pointers that could be shared.

  9. Well THAT sets a new benchmark for introductions :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  10. Yeah please - ill pass them onto my bro :)
  11. Definitely an interesting touch with the video.
  12. Best Intro I've seen on here yet !
    Welcome to NR !!
  13. hi mate,

    well done, love the video (and dont mind the music either!).

    can I ask how tall you are, it seems like you are just fitting on the bike, but damn the spada is a nice looking bike (im a big naked fan..)
  14. Yeah both my brother and I are pretty tall (more than 6ft) so yeah the spada is smallish for us - but no point (for either of us) to upgrade until we get our full licences in october. My bro has a 1984 GSX 400 F which is slightly better (size wise), but handles like a boat!

    I agree about the spada - although i think im gonna upgrade to a fully faired bike when I can...
  15. if that is your street, i know where you live :)