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Vid: That facial reconstruction guy I've been going on about

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I've just edited together the video from the talk Cheng's uncle gave at the Melbourne TEDx video marathon last weekend. I've been telling a lot of you guys about how amazing his techniques are, so if you want to check out the video it's now on Vimeo:


    Warning: video does contain some images of facial surgery.
  2. Thanks for posting it up Loz, brilliant
  3. WHY is this not being used?! Man oh man!
  4. Some of us are proud of our ugliness.
  5. It's a complex issue, but here's a few reasons:

    1) conservative doctors don't want to be the first to stand behind something that could bite them in the arse

    2) Plastic surgeons like doing long, complicated, "creative" and expensive jobs, not lopping off skin cancers and treating burns victims day in day out. A cheaper, more effective technique like this would take the prime jobs away from them.

    3) This technique effectively eliminates operating table errors by almost McDonalds-ising the process. All the hard work and big decisions are made outside the theatre. Surgeons see this as an insult to their current techniques and seem to take it personally

    4) Health care management, at least in NZ, is at the mercy of a strong lobby group of doctors who stand to lose work if EAS becomes the norm

    Etc etc etc... Either way, Ninian's starting up in Sydney with a private practice, and satellite operations in Melbourne and Adelaide it looks like, taking the approach that if he can't bring the technology to those who need it most, he'll bring it to those who can afford to have the choice. Once the insurance companies get wind of the savings and the effectiveness, he should get a good hold on the private market, at which point it'll be very hard for the public sector to justify avoiding it.

    Best of luck to him, he's invested millions in it already and is pretty much being run out of New Zealand for his trouble.