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(Vid) - some dudes modded car sets itself ablaze!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Manny, May 14, 2005.

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  2. fark... thats no good.. amazing video tho
  3. Where's the kaboom... there's supposed to be a gigantic earthshattering kaboom....

  4. Nooooo! Not a VW Golf... i like them :(
  5. suck shit... that's what you get for buying a vee dub
  6. Ever been for a spin in an original GTi?
    Ever been for a spin in a worked VR6?
    Ever been for a spin in any NON-econo-box VW?
  7. Yes
    No and

    my mate has a worked R32 VW... i fell in love the second i saw it
  8. I nearly owned a vr6.. but it had shitty fcuked brakes and a bunch of other crap wrong with it..

    went off tho
  9. OUCH

    Good quality vid,
    Is a great ad for having a woorking fire extenguisher in your car,
    and a real size one not a toy 10 gram one either,
    Hope he had fire insurance is all I can say.
  10. Manny & Tommy; good to see people other than me actually respect V-Dubs! My grouch was actually directed at Patske's slagging of them. But anyway.
  11. Hey, the battery pack still looks okay.
  12. how helpless would ya feel!

    oh well fcuk him, he had a sick car, and will prolly get another sick car from the insurance.
  13. insurance? hope he declared all the mods that have been done.

    looks like dodgey wiring started it.. he had the presence of mind to get the crap out of the glove box tho.

    Gotta wonder how convenient it all was having the video going, and kept rolling as the fire took hold. I'd think if my car was burning and your "mate" was videoingthe whole thing instead of phoning/running for help/extinguisher I might just throw the guy and the camera on the fire with operator attached.

  14. the song was soooo appropriate

  15. one of the most impressive things I have ever seen a cage do.

    should happen more often.
  16. damn! that sucks arse.... i thought it would be some stupid riced up turbocharged stoogemobile, but instead its actually a half decent car! booo. he can still sell the alloys and the boot hatch but :p