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[vid] Rossi finally proven to have excellent taste.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. 1.2 mb:

  2. LOL :LOL:

    Yeeeh rite.. :p
  3. How olds that ad?? :)
  4. Rossi seems happier when he gets off the bike and is allowed to leave. :p
  5. Must be why he's with yamaha now ...
  6. All d Hornett riders luv d add
    luv d bike on d stand more
  7. settle down stomach ........nausea big time.
    why and the hell would rossi want to ride a girls bike ?
    maybe his won 5 championships and doesnt have anymore challanges left so he thought he would see if one of those P.O.S could actually pull granny off her potty :p
  8. Is it me or does he seem to run it wide on all the corners??

    Cheers ratty

  9. noticed that too.....but doubt that Rossi actually lowered himself to ride the bike anyway.
  10. I would mind being paid incredibly large sums of money to develop a sense of "taste" either. :twisted:

    If Rossi was riding it, he was probably running it wide and contemplating suicide over the cliff edge for selling out. :p
  11. he felt that low being seen riding it he was put on anti-depresants after it
  12. ...sounds equally applicable as the credo of a crack whore...
  13. Or someone short-sighted
  14. He always did look better on a Honda :grin:
  15. Wow, some of these replies are really hurtful, as if you don't agree with me or something. :LOL:
  16. I think honda made this bike , took a look at it, thought " hmm, should we release this onto the public?? " then thought " yeah why not, we could STING a few sales out of it, but what could we call it ?" :p

    Cheers ratty

  17. I can understand why he went to yamaha after being forced by Honda to make that ad.
  18. I think you all missed the look of disapointment on his face when he had to come back to the pits and ride just the race bike. He obviously liked riding the Hornet much more :LOL: