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[vid] PNUT on the spur

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Again, this is a bit munted by the video compression - and I wasn't following Deano close enough to get a great picture on this run, but there's plenty of his famous kneedown action on this run back down the black spur:


    And for those that want to see his sparkly knee sliders closer up (which may be mainly just deano himself ;)):


    I'm absolutely spewing that I stuffed up one of the later runs of the day. For the first time ever I managed to hold onto the back of Roarin on his VFR400RR-RRRR-R, dragging all sorts of bits down the spur and keeping him in sight as he scraped everything from feet to fairings. The bastard corners virtually horizontally! Anyway, for some reason the camera didn't start recording for that run, which may have been the fastest I'll ever ride, so... Not happy Jan!

    At least Roarin escapes unvideoed, as was his wish ;)
  2. You had the old Hornet working hard, didn't you! :LOL:
  3. Great stuff Loz & PNUT! Love it!
  4. Looks like a nice bit of road, if a little busy (but isn't everywhere these days?).

    I have heard of the 'spur but never had the opportunity to ride it - which leads me to a possible thread topic: Video of famous (or infamous) riding roads in each state :idea:

    As I dont have a bike cam I sadly cannot lead the way, but I am sure that there are a few Netriders that do...
  5. so how are your knee sliders now after that run? ;)
  6. Nice vid Loz. I was up with the 'full moon' group doing that run yesterday. Think I'd be happy if I could do it at half the speed you guys were flying at.... :roll:
  7. Now listen here you.
  8. So time for replacements then? Does this mean that the next time we see you, that you'll have new shiny unblemished knee sliders on after the old ones got replaced? :-w
  9. Nice bikes.

    Nice road.

    Nice riding.

    Looks like everyone kicked a goal :grin:
  10. Here's my little contribution (every bit helps :p )
    After getting smoked by these guys i parked it and took some pictures, and this.

    From the grass knoll

    Cheers Scheff
  11. Been wondering how to word the following without sounding like a wank, but just decided to say it anyway. It's wholly intended as a compliment to those who I've ridden with over the last year.

    If you're able to comfortably hold onto the tail of Roarin, then this just shows how far you've progressed this year as a rider Loz. Roarin is one of the most consistently smoothest and fastest road riders I've met, but who is also someone who rides intelligently and doesn't cross that fine line between quick road riding and road racing.

    This last year has been great in terms of improved rider experience among the NetRider ride attendees. This may sound like a bit of a toss, but the number of NR ride attendees who are able to sit on that delicate line of fast, controlled, and safe road riding, has swelled in recent months. Almost every ride that I attend I see more and more people riding with more control, skill, and confidence, and this is a fantastic thing! Nothing like regularly hitting the twisties to boost one's ability and hone the skills of reading road conditions on the fly.

    I think the lesson is this. Just get out there and ride. You won't pick up experience by sitting back, reading books, or feeling daunted. The only cure for inexperience is riding. NetRider is great in that there are often rides of varying degrees of skill levels, and almost all people who attend would be more than happy to help others out with respect to tips and guidance.
  12. That is so funny. Typical order for a ride with Andrew, Faye and Dean on it!

    If I can keep any of these guys in sight for more than a few corners I am a happy chappy.
  13. Don't get me wrong Stew, there was nothing comfortable about it. The stars were all aligned, I was wringing that throttle like the neck of a red-headed stepchild and little turds of stress were tumbling out of my leathers and into my boots. My eyes were bulging, my heart was beating like a fifteen year old who's just discovered the internet, and all that kept me hanging on was the knowledge that I was capturing this freak of nature on video.

    ...Which of course, I wasn't.

    /oh, and it was on the spur, which is a wide, smooth road with great forward visibility and very little gravel etc, and I'd just done about 5 laps behind deano and Faye. I am under no illusions, this was a once-off.
  14. I'd belt you...

    ...If I could catch you, you f*cker.

    The knee WILL go down. It shall not be immediately followed by the rest of me. And loud shall be my mirth.
  15. I wish i got pics of your tyres Loz, that was something to behold. :shock:
    definately get your moneys worth out of those.
    But they're probably good for what, maybe another 500 or so?

  16. mm?
  17. We're talking about his tyres, not his knee sliders...
  18. Nice footage guys. And yes i have had the task of following Pnut, and well on the nice windy stuff i thought Im going ok here, but then after about 3 tight corners i thought wheres he gone.. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Like I said elsewhere, those 315posers should check out a video of PNUT riding...

    Well done Loz for keeping up.

  20. Loz and his knee sliders stayed SHINY for the whole day :LOL: :LOL:

    Was a pretty cruzy ride out and that's what made it fun :grin:

    My knee slider's are pretty hammered and still going. Besides if i wore them out i could have used Loz's for the whole day and only wore 3mm off them. For those that haven't seen them before go and tape a brick to your pants and you'll still be thinner :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :biker:

    Good to ride with ya dude