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[Vid] Motard maniac laying lovely thick back brake darkies

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. #1 Loz, Mar 1, 2008
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    WARNING: Safety nannas please don't watch this, you'll do your noodles over the no gloves/squid factor. If you don't think you can watch it without sooking, there's a great video for your type ZlFqhHJczDs[/media]]here.

    For the rest of us, here's a motard being ridden as a motard oughtta be... Roarin, that's not you is it? :p

  2. :popcorn:


  3. very cool :cool:
  4. Don't worry about the gloves Loz, all those crazy bastards are driving on the wrong side of the road!

    Good vid, I love the ease in which the lead rider picks up the front - particularly when over taking.
  5. Decent wheelies, shit cornering.
  6. Nice vid, not much margin for error. If they do make an error I see them dying.
  7. [​IMG]

    Some cool riding .. but yeah not much room for error :shock:
  8. i rekon you should combine the soundtrack of the safety nanna vid with the squids. i hate that round the world song...

    at least theyre doing head checks :)
  9. Nutters. Way too many chances on the bends. And as for monos between moving cars = :shock:

    It's all very well calling this stuff cool, and if they kill themselves, that's their choice. But if they take someone else with them it's not so cool any more.

    I'm getting old.
  10. you said it for me, grandpa.
  11. The front rider is lucky to be here... blind corners, going over the line... that kinda riding is not my cuppa tea, but hell that was exciting.

    +1 Tarmac though... if they were to take someone else out, that'd be way UNCOOL.
  12. Those dudes are either really fkn stupid or have balls the size of watermelons. Either way, it makes for some entertaining (and nail biting) viewing...
  13. How much fun did those guys just have!!!?!!! Very cool vid :cool:
  14. Nice find Loz.
  15. Absolute morons!

    But REALLY cool nonetheless!! :grin:
  16. The compression rear wheel lockups on the corners were entertaining. :grin:
    The cops would have no trouble finding him.All they would have to do is follow the black rubber he left on every corner. :LOL:
    Nice Vid Loz. :)
  17. ok so was that compression lockups on corners, using the brakes to lock up and slide, or powersliding (rolling burnouts) through the corners?
    im a bit confused :grin:
  18. Back brake's my bet, too smooth for compression lock. So it's not nearly as impressive as a good powerslide, but jolly fun anyway!
  19. It's a bit of both. In this case though, a fair bit of back brake, but not locked up.

    Completely and utterly useless the way he is doing it.
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    Re: [Vid] Motard maniac laying lovely thick back brake darki