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[vid] Luthi demonstrates to save a lowside on your knee

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Killer video:

    Imagine how strong, let alone skilled, you'd have to be to save this one! GP riders earn their pay packets.
  2. Impressive stuff
    Wonder how much knee slider would be left after that excursion.

    also amazing how he reversed and went forward again a few times like that!!! :p
  3. What a save! :shock:
  4. Smee bet me to it... but I'm guessing he put in an order for new sliders after that.

    That's skill and balls.
  5. :shock:
    I would never have thought it was possible.
    What skill !!
  6. Damn that's a nice save!

    That would have been brown trousers time for sure!
  7. Hi Loz,

    what gives?? it says the vid is no longer available :?: :cry:
  8. Just worked for me Browny, try it again :wink: Biker Gene might have crashed Youtube. :cool:

    Nice save, i must practice that sometime.

    Is that concrete dust on the raceline FFS???? :roll:

  9. That's what I thought too, berloody good save :shock:
  10. Love the italian commentary. Luthi was very very very good and something about his elbow...

    +1 on an amazing save!!
  11. That was good.
  12. sweet, workin now... what a freak :shock:
  13. + prayers and a laundry bill :LOL:
  14. Yeah def new sliders with a trip to k-mart for some new undies as well :LOL: :LOL: