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[Vid] Ktulu Owned Big Time!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Justus, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. 2nd guy in clip. [​IMG]

  2. Chris tell this guy he has you and I mixed up again...easy enough mistake to make I guess....
  3. [​IMG] Scrambles. :grin:
  4. Do you sleep ?
    Its like 2:55am and your still up !!

    . . hey wait . .. what am I doing ? :grin:
  5. This is my usual bedtime, w/ends & w/days so going to bed soon I think. :p
    I have to go to bed late bc i sleep no more than 4-5hrs.
  6. your like me !
    I can go through a whole day with 4-5hrs sleep ! :eek:
  7. These guys think they've won a booby prize. :rofl:
  8. hah MG :grin:


    ... clearly the blurry pixellated section is too small for that guy to be me :p
  9. that was classic, can't say i blame him.
  10. :eek:wned: big time eh :rofl:

    Imagine that guy tho, having that shit on the internet. :LOL:
    What his mother/employer/family/relatives etc thought of the act & him after seing it [​IMG]

  11. Has anyone else seen the full version on "The Man Show"? There was one dude who started sniffing and licking the bikini bottoms when she left the cubicle. I'd hate to have been him after that was aired :shock: