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VID - Kings of the Street - Cars vs Bikes FullTilt Edit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. This is a vid from a guy called "FullTilt". He has made some awsome Vids of him and his mates over the last couple of years. They all get together down in Las Vegas (I think) and crank up the speeds on the bikes.

    This is another offering with cars


    If I get some time and if people are interested I will dig up the links of his bike rides. The speed these guys do on the open desert roads coupled with music is great. Let me know.


  2. Keep em coming mate. Lurve the vids :D

  3. Heya,

    I think I'm addicted to downloading motorbike videos.... :shock:

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. :shock: I do :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: will dig up and post. I am away for the week tho, so give a week or two.

  5. keep the videos comin mate,i show all the guys @ wrk
  6. That was pretty awesome. :D
  7. that link you posted is from NICKSLICK's site, the dude is a great bloke, ive chatted with him via PM's in the http://www.cycleforums.com/ , he is also an Administrator of one of the sections there.

    he is 32 years old and a multi millionaire, made his money via the net.
    and has one of the fastest hayabusa's in the USA, one of his vids shows him obliterate a 900 hp Dodge Viper. for more of his free vids check the link below .......

    this is a pic of him at a much needed event here in aus :wink:

    apparently they have photo shoots with models and you can turn up to be photographed with them :D

    P.S. he lives in Mulholland Drive L.A. but knows soo many people, many travel across the U.S. to meet him and bring theirs bikes/cars

    Cheers ratty ( aka Paul )