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[vid]Just imagine getting overtaken by this bloke

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by K8, Aug 6, 2007.

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  2. Awsome video, or series of videos if you look around. What a sport(?)/pastime. As for being overtaken by him, I think I'd be impressed.
  3. I got clips of the dude but nothing like that one!

    Man's got a big setta balls. :LOL:

    LOL @ imagination of bikers reaction as this thing flies past him. [​IMG]
  4. Sod the silly French git with a spandex and rollerblade fetish, where's that bloody road?! That looks awesome!
  5. Good vid K8, trust the French to do it, they really are mad.

    BTW how goes the Sprint?
  6. The Sprint is absolutely fantastic thanks Jafu. It'll be even better when I get the trident pipes on it ( i've got the TOR on at the moment), the tail tidy and the hugger. Truly a great bike , and the 1050 triumph engine is sooooo neat. I've taken it a few different places as well including an icy wet trip over hotham , and it hasn't missed a beat. As for up reefton in one gear with all the torque of a twin and the top of an inline 4, well , how could I not love it. As if thats not enough , its a sexy red - the fast colour. Hahahaha. Sorry you asked ?
  7. hehehehe
    I know. I reckon I'd shite myself . Imagine on a tight right twisty and your ripping it and your face is just above the ground , when suddenly your eyeballing it with him. Now that would take some control to take the twisty....

    or you are on the gun round the curve , and you get passed by this guy on his tummy. Thats gotta deflate the ego a touch........
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  9. Should this not be in multimedia, hmmm???
  10. "Should this not be in multimedia, hmmm??? "

    I wouldn't have thought so. I tossed and turned about where to post it , read the multimedia bit, consulted my spiritual guidance angel and tossed a coin. Its not about bikes , but hey , if you want to move it feel free.
  11. Bloody oath. :LOL:

    The clip I've got is about how/why he came up with the concept & shows
    the suit up close. Hes' on the footpath & everyone's jumping over them-
    selves trying to get outta the way.

    2 many clips to sift thru, but if I come across it I'll show ya.