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[Vid] Harley XR1200 kickass flat tracker

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, May 1, 2007.

  1. Didn't work for me, Loz, is it me or that site?

    If I bought one of them I would demand a set of Jay Springsteen leathers to go with it!!

  2. Nice, but not their first attempt at a bike that handles,


    One of these sold here in Australia on eBay for a riduculously low $8,500 a few months back, Chairman and I both went apoplectic when we found out.
  3. Can't see it? Try www.xrdna.com - the video's on there too. Choose "United Kingdom"
  4. Ah yes, the Excelsior (XLCR). Cycle magazine loved it, except for the brakes. They said that if you were stuck on a level crossing with a train coming, the strengthening of your right hand due to using its (the bike's) brakes would enable you simply to swat the train out of the way!

    Still one of the best-looking Harleys ever :).
  5. No Paul, this is, and unlike the XLCR it appeals directly to the traditional Hardly owner... :grin:

  6. Thanks to a great counsellor, I'd almost come to terms with not buying it. Looks like it's back to therapy for me.

    Thanks, you bastard.