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[vid] Faye (Realm) doin' the Spur.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. geeeeez, she sure does hoot!

    that seal looks bleedy right at the end of that clip....
  2. Er, what does that mean?
  3. the road surface, the wheelpaths have active bitumen bleeding up above the stones, makes it slippery in wet or extremely hot days.

    just an observation.
  4. Fair enough...

    I guess it doesn't matter by the time you get to that bit, you're pretty much done with the twisties.
  5. 'Moderators behaving Badly' :LOL: especially the irresponsible and totally unecessary wheelie at the start, some people :roll:

    Nice riding, of course. My only comment woud be that you both seemed to be a bit wide of the apex on a couple left handers (not that I could do half as well :))
  6. I thought it showed good lines thru the corners & an excellent use of weight distribution, which is why she's such a good rider! A good vid for newbies to watch a learn from! IMHO
  7. Loz - tip about sound
    my dad sticks an external mic on his camera & tucks that down the back of his jacket.

    end result is wind noise is VERY reduced, and you just get pure exhaust.

    video is wicked though!
  8. Fair enough, although coming back down the spur a lot of those lefties are blind, and if you're not a "spurcialist" a wide line gives you better visibility...
  9. Yeah good idea. I can't plug external anythings into this camera though, it's just my digital IXUS still cam. If I get a proper video camera I'll definately use that tezznique.
  10. Realm is a very good rider, and curtious too. Notice how she made space for Loz after passing the car, and then held her speed on the next straight to let Loz past, if he wanted. Didn't know you were being filmed Realm?

    Excellent. It shows why you need titanium toed boots Realm. Let's just hope that the establishment didn't, in fact, get as good a picture of you last Friday. :grin:
  11. definately not "nanna riding" as she humbly claim sometimes. :)

    ... and i thought all we gonna see is the sky on that video :LOL:
  12. C'mon Paul. This is Loz we're talking about!
    Clearly the camera mount wasn't tightened properly and the wind pushed it back to point at the sky until such time as he could put his beer back in the cupholder and straighten it :grin:
  13. Hey Loz, when do we get to see video footage of Roarin on the KTM through the Spur??? :grin:
  14. Roarin doesn't like to be videotaped, and he's damn near feckin' impossible to follow, particularly when he doesn't want you following him. That's a work in progress.
  15. Nice work there... Excellent riding .. :grin:
  16. Good to see someone using decent body movement, rather than the pointless contortions just to put a knee down in a slow corner :D
  17. Thats why i have her as my riding buddy :grin: She can ride thats for sure.
    The funniest bit is when your riding with her and you over take a bunch of Ducati poofs and they see her plate :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :biker:
  18. Yeah I sort of figured he was running the cam when he didnt overtake me the second time, but as I still only have (at best) 80% use of my right arm, I couldnt ride that road (safely) the way I normaly would..

    I demand we redo that video then the doctors and physio give me the OK to be back on a bike. Cause that was just PATHETIC

    You and I both no I ride better than that if I want to..
  19. Oh listen to ya, ya big sook. Boo f*cken hoo. :LOL: