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[VID] Crazy riding through city streets

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Jan 16, 2006.

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  2. I agree, he is a crazy bastard, but I guess we all have a talent ;)

  3. Is it me or does it seem that the rider likes to use his back break alot? That bike seemed like it was sideways many times.
  4. You can't really see it but I think the roads must be wet because you can see him sliding all over the place when shifting up and down hard.
  5. yeh hes going sideways all the time, even when accelerating :shock: :LOL:

    ive already got that clip, & yeh, hes crazy mf like ghost rider :shock: :LOL:
    awesome viewing nevertheless :grin:
  6. I'm only about half way through and I can safely say I'm not dumb enough to do that. Crazy yes, dumb no. Too many people about that you could injure.

    EDIT: Watching the speedo, doesn't seem he goes spectacularly fast in the traffic, mainly on the open empty streches, but I still wouldn't go that fast in traffic.
  7. true, plus i dont have the balls to do that kinda riding anyways atm..
    & neva will :LOL:
  8. Not exactly the smoothest rider out there...But he does have a certain amount of control over the bike. Except for his shit monos.
    What kind of bike is it?
  9. yeh i;d say he has full control bc hes always going sideways
    think he uses heaps of rear brakes bc on my clip its alot clearer
    & u can hear the rear tyres making noises when hes pushing hard
    on the brakes

    no idea what bike hes riding
  10. Yer, Ive had the clip for a while as well and it is better quality.
    I got it off uponone.
    This is the name UpOnOne_City_Madness.wmv should still be there.
  11. Has anybody hava a clue which city or country was it?
  12. Definitely not one to be used as an ambassador for the lane splitting argument but a fun watch nonetheless!

    Anybody recognise the city? Also I like how he rode past the cop bike and didn't even bother to chill out that much :LOL:

  13. i had the impression its europe (france) ?
  14. Looks like my Brother on his way to work in Manila. He's a Cop.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: he didnt care. he just rode thru the intersection.
    what can the copper do? run after him :LOL:
  16. What a wanker.

    He's bugsplat waiting to happen.

    I hope he doesn't take out any innocents when he goes.

  17. I know 100% it's a Kawasaki, I can tell from the styling of the dash, but what model , im not sure, guessing zx9r because of the power and awsome deep sound from the exaust. If I could read where the red line is on the tacho then I could make a more accurate guestimate. As for smooth riding, I don't know about you but I have never seen a rider handle a bike like that in the wet with no margin for error, even Rossi had it easier at the 2005 English Moto GP.

  18. He is truly a man's man.
  19. U prolly close to the mark there. Had another look
    at the vid & dash is identical to mine
  20. shows u how much i know about bikes :LOL: .... f*ck all :grin: