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[Vid] Best bike video EVER.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. #1 Loz, Apr 22, 2008
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    I saw this ages ago on another forum, been looking for it ever since and it just popped up on B&S...


    I don't care who you are, getting five knees down on one bike is bloody impressive... Can any net sleuths find out what the hell was going on that day? I think most of us would explode if we had so much fun at once.

  2. :shock:

    that is the most amazing thing i've ever seen in my life!!

    how much fun did that look!
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  4. How much fun were they having... I want a track in my back yard.
  5. I think I need a Radox bath after just watching that! :shock:
  6. Thanks Loz!

    Makes me want to go out and buy a motard.
  7. Fantastic video!

    How cool would it be to hang out with those guys at a private track day.
  8. OMG!!!! Thanks Loz! :grin: That's given me heaps of ideas. :LOL:
  9. wheres joel? lay down some tar in my backyard will ya
  10. Do it yourself. Youth of today always want everything done for them. :roll: When I was a kid I had to borrow the neighbours grader and dig up the back yard on my own. It taught me respect for my track. :)
  11. Wow...

    I am so jealous of the fun those guys were having :grin:

    No track I can think of would let you get away with half of that stuff over here :(
  12. looks like alot of fun. thx loz good find.
  13. Prob most funniest moto vid ive ever seen for sure.
    Crazy angles drifting the bikes, that was crazy.

    Thanks for video post
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    This bit reminded me of being pillion on the back of John's bike out of Wankerabliooblablabla... Rd near Yea :LOL: