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[Vid] Bad Boy Brad gets a new Bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Those are some mean chaps, there.

    And an unusual chap :LOL:.
  2. stops after just 9 seconds
  3. I wish it did for me.....nice skivvy :p
  4. ....getting ready for the mardi gras
  5. i think he would be better suited to a scooter :roll:
  6. beat me to it alex :LOL:

    he is one badass!

    the south will rise again!!
  7. Without a doubt, that is some of the funniest stuff I've seen in ages.
  8. reckon you'd whip him through the spur stew? :rofl:
  9. Nah mate. He's real. REAL. None of us would stand a chance. We'd be lying on the ground with our bikes on top of us after we lost our footing from laughing so hard. :LOL:
  10. so true stew!!

    my daughter could beat him on her pushy with her training wheels still on :LOL:

    oh, now i'm being nasty - "it's the OP rum i tells ya!"
  11. Is this guy fer real? :shock:

  12. Can't be real...
  13. Cheesus! Thank Christ he had his jeans on :shock:
  14. so loz....on the seventh day, did he get his 'rockers' ? :LOL:
  15. Don't say that, that bad ass is going to take a pool cue to my head.
  16. You know, I once saw a bloke get off a harley,

    he had chaps on...

    With nothing covering the back!

    I believe he had a pillion too, a male one

    This was in public, on a public road.

    And yes, I was emotionally damaged after seeing that.
  17. "No one ever plans on head butting, it just happens."

    Gold. Pure gold.
  18. Actually, as it turns out, this is a sneaky arsed viral ad for dominos pizza. Booo.