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[vid] AWESOME scooter stack

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. I mean, it wouldn't be all that awesome if it was you or anything, but that video would sure be something to show the grandkiddies:


    Car's fault.

  2. Wicked :(

    How close was the rider from smacking his head to the concrete barriers in the median strip. The ice cream container left his head pretty quickly. Then again, most of them don't do them up
  3. I can't beleive no one but the lady in the car even tried to see if the guy was ok, not even the gaurd looking guy that ran up went to the scooter rider, just backed into a walk and spoke to the driver while he lay there :shock:

    Which even country that is in, i never want to ride there :evil:
  4. Christ he is lucky he landed on the relatively soft roof then bonnet of the car.

    Watching the driver try to help the rider I kept thinking don't move him, don't move him! Was waiting for Ktulu to come in and fly kick him.
  5. Damn, thats gotta hurt...
  6. you guy's are disgraceful. disgraceful, i tell ya :p
  7. I think that guy would be dead...
  8. if i am right, judging from the accent of the guard over the radio, this is in taiwan. i think the son of the b*tch beat the light as we can see opposite direction is red and he or she is trying to speed up when the poor rider came from minor road. can someone pls put that guy in jail.
  9. He couldn't have been trying to beat the light as the scooter's light had been green for quite a while. It looks like he just plain did not see the red light. The rider was lucky in the way he impacted the vehicle. Initial impact I think would have done the most damage. The vertical spin + hitting the car roof and bonnet first would have wiped off a lot of the force.