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[vid] Amazing final lap from F1 GP

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. #1 Loz, Oct 1, 2007
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    I'm a card-carrying member of the "F1 is a boring procession at the moment" club, but credit where credit's due - this final lap in the pissing rain at the Japanese GP, with Massa fighting Kubica, is some phenomenal racing from two blokes with big bright brassy bollocks.

    Onboard with Massa: [media=youtube]Kh2Lk1ZU_FM[/media]

    TV cut: [media=youtube]ScaXyRvHo4o[/media]

    Mag f*cking nificent. All F1 races should be held in the rain.

  2. Absolutely agree, they did everything but get out of the cars and punch each other!!
  3. But did you see the first 15 laps. A 'race' behind the safety car, with no guarantee that the whole race wouldn't be run behind the safety car!

    The best F1 race in the rain was when Mansell returned for Maclaren in the mid 90's. It was disgusting weather and he was chasing another driver for lap after lap, racing so close to the guys gearbox it was scary to watch, seeing as he couldn't see bugger all.

    And Fernando 'Rain Master' Alonso binned it big time. That must have hurt.

    F1 in the rain is the only time it's remotely interesting.
  4. If that was a horse race, the stewards would definitely be hearing a protest due to that last lap! Holy crap!

    Love those Japanese commentators! :LOL:

    If F1 is so boring, why are they flooded with sponsors and motogp isnt????
  5. Your mind is clouded. There have been many exciting F1 races this year.

    You need to watch them all to be able to accurately critique them :p
  6. My experience is that I can't stay up until gone midnight in the off chance that there might be a race for the lead. That is, someone actually dicing for the lead, as opposed to manufactured 'excitement' in the pit lane or some driver fighting for 10th or 11th. I grant you that there are occasional flashes of brilliance and all the drivers are awesome, but on a bang for your buck excitement scale, it's incomparable to any of the bike racing I've seen this year.

    To me it's the same as Soccer Vs AFL. They're both brilliant games and all the players in both codes are excellent, but AFL/NRL beats soccer hands down for a sheer spectacle (that's coming from an ex pom who loves a good game of football).
  7. Because every man and his dog drives cars and only a small proportion of the population rides bikes.......
  8. That's because a fight is always more interesting than a sport. I hear the Colosseum was quite popular too.
  9. thanks loz, that was great! i emailed it out
  10. Damn it, the F1 organisation got to it before i got a chance to view it! :(
  11. Thats FOCA & FOM for you.
  12. If ever you think that the F1 blokes are paid too much, this race may change your mind.
  13. Kubica, FTW!

    well, maybe next time...
  14. Do all commentators quote each other?
  15. Yes and i still think they get paid too much...
  16. Yup, US$6,000,000 yr just isn't enough to make me drive my car quickly...in the rain. With no visibility.

    Fact is, ALL motorsport is dangerous. Hell, being a sparky is more dangerous than being a racing driver. Do they deserve that much? Well, if some chump of a team boss thinks so, the answer is self evident.
  17. Caught me Vic. I am an unreconstructed, unapologetic recidivist plagiarist. Buy me a beer.
  18. Schumacher was paid some $37,000,000 by Ferrari to drive that car for a year.

    Remember where Ferrari were before Schumacher? Nowhere.

    He took them from a ordinary team to an extraordinary team that won races and made mega bucks from sponsorships and prize money with the help of Ross Braun. They then turned out a car that was ultra reliable.

    Now look at the team. No Braun and the mistakes are creeping in in every race. If Braun was still there, he would have put a bullet in the bloke that decided to start the race on Sunday on Inter's.

    A winning car brings in the bucks, a winning driver brings home a winning car.
    Most are worth what they are paid.

    I feel sorry for the ones that pay to drive though :(
  19. And I remember reading somewhere that they made something like $36,000,000 in hat/cap sales alone. It's all relative like you say Vic, if they can get that sort of revenue by a driver winning races for them, then that driver should be paid handsomely.
  20. I would drive it for 5 mill.