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[VID] A small fast run.... country road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. a nice little run along a country road, file size is 41mb


    below instructions pinched from "Marty H"

    click link above
    click "free" at the bottom of the page
    new window will open, wait for counter to count down
    then enter code and download

    cheers ratty

  2. Bloody hell lol

    I think I'm about ooh... 4 years away from that speed/skill :D

    VERY quick run... anyone have any idea what road it is?

  3. Yes. Very common connecting road for south eastern melbournites to reach the really good twisties.
  4. Worri Yallock?
  5. Same road, but didn't quite get to Woori Yallock. Run ended at the entry into Yellingbo
  6. I used to DRIVE that road a lot when I lived in Yarra Junction, as I remember it 20-odd years ago it was rough and bumpy.....

    {Thinks, might have ridden it once on the Kawasaki 250 triple, wouldn't have learned much compared to you guys' efforts, though :D}
  7. Haha was that Deano getting summarily dispatched at the start of the run? Ya CLOWN.
  8. :shock: Jeebas!!

    You people are nuts :p :D
  9. Top video 8) I love k1 gixxer thous
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    thats a nice bit of road to cruise along...... :wink: :p

    didn't realize that the road was so rough.......
  11. love the overtaking across double lines at the end..... :D

    Awesome riding though
  12. lol, next ur in front graeme, would look better following a rider and yeah instead of a max speed of 200, we can sit on ur usuall 240 :p

    i dont think it's really that rough, that was mostly wind buffeting.

    And Marty , yeah, im like a magnet to cars, i seem to be drawn to them as i pass :p

    [Quote Marty] - and you made a mockery out of me in the other direction on Sunday too on that road. :evil:

    That's one of my favorite stretches Marty, i was finding it hard to keep up with you on quite a few sections earlier through the day :(

  13. But his head was over the centre line....................... :LOL: :LOL: Nice run Ratty.

  14. Very funny Cathar............. err, i mean Roarin.
  15. Great vid Ratty...felt like l just been ona ride..lol :twisted:
  16. Not gonna give it up, are ya?

    After some guys that I was happy to let go off on their own on the weekend, i.e. pulling wheelies at ~120kph through 50kph shopping precincts with pedestrians walking about, a head over the line here and there means nothing.
  17. Oi -pick on me. I started it :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Quoted both of ya. Look above. Edited my post to explain a point of clarity.
  19. I'm sorry, but that us just stupid, fine, risk your own life, but respect everyone elses right to live. If you wanna go fast, do it on the track!