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Victory Vision: How's this for fugly?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/Victory/Vision/Experience/

    Some clown thought it would be a good idea to combine the front end of a transcontinental Beemer tourer with the arse of a 1930s gangster-style Cadillac. Was nothing learned from the disaster that was the Rune?

    I guess nothing says "motorcycle" to some people like a candy-apple future cruiser, where the crap handling of yesteryear meets and fornicates with a style so "tomorrow" it'll be "yesterday" by lunchtime.

    I look forward to seeing these modified to include low-rider hydraulics so rich, ostentatious, obnoxious American owners can do their first wheelies and stoppies.
  2. Mate how much would it cost if you dropped it in the driveway? Streetfighter a Vision :LOL:

    At least they are trying something new in the cruiser/tourer stakes and not just trying to be a another wannabee HD clone.
  3. How can they call it the Victory Vision?

    Victory implies success, and winning...

    Vision implies forward thinking...

    Fire the copy-writers :LOL:
  4. Quote "Unmistakingly American"
    I guess their not kidding after all!

    Yeck, Scheff
  5. Looks like an oldsmobile that colided with 2 eskis on the road.
  6. Victory is the name of the brand, and they have been reasonably successful so far. True, they are not imported to our market but as long as they sell in the US, I think they'll manage to limp along.

    Well, you might not like the looks, but you have to admit it *is* a bit different from your average bike on the street, so the name seems to fit. You might also note that many visionaries were not appreciated until much later - you too might have to eat your words a couple of years down the track :)
  7. yes, I must admit that I left myself open to that with my word-play. in a nation of 280 million people, there's bound to be a market for anything, no matter how unusual. (unlike our microscopic market).
  8. There are elements of beauty there, but it doesn't work on the whole. An unfaired version might look a bit better maybe. Kinda like the retro feel of it though. :?
  9. Yeah... first of all, I'm not their target audience at all, since I fundamentally don't get the idea of large motorcycle - I think the whole point of a bike is to be small and nimble. If you want to load up a family and two months' worth of provisions, just get a car! That's my view.

    Even so, I appreciate that they are trying to do something different with the styling, and I see some appealing elements. The front doesn't work for me, but I kind of like the back of the smaller model, the one without that massive armchair thing stuck on - the swooping lines of the luggage cases bring to my mind things like some of those steam engines from the 30s when they were setting speed records... or perhaps wheel arches of some cars from back when... I don't mind the side-on profile, either. It's only the front fairing that truly offends me; it's too barn-like :)
  10. I think they are going for the retro Cadillac land yacht look...lol
  11. Take a look on the website and compare it to their Vegas and Hammer cruisers, which are sexy hot biatches in a ho-hum custom cruiser kind of way.

    The good thing about Victory is they're cheaper, better looking, better built and better backed than Harleys, which one might hope might inspire the old Milwaukee toad to waddle out of the mud and catch some flies.
  12. Victory......just like Iraq? If they want to fight the war on terror then they need to start at home, by lynching the Rtards who designed that
  13. I feel the same sort of revulsion when I look at that bike as I do when I look at the spew down the side of my car!
  14. Doesn't look like it could hold a 44 gallon drum in the boot though......
  15. American = BIG
  16. You forgot to add +fat
  17. ...any one else think that the front looks like a transformers cartoon character about to strike down a foe???

    Buell took a fresh page to motorcycle design and came up with some horny bikes... I think the victory designers might have spilt the ink well on their papyrus in their same effort... visually it doesn't work for me.
  18. It's certainly...er...striking...

    I agree that the front end is the most unfortunate part of the bike. As for the rest, it reminds me of the Cumberford Martinique:


    In the early 80s, US designer Robert Cumberford came up with a retro-styled sports car that used aircraft technology in the chassis, had a mix of wood and aluminium alloy for the bodywork, and used Citroen hydropneumatic suspension and a BMW six-cylinder engine. Nice idea, but not really my style.

    The Victory seems to be cast in the same mould, so to speak.
  19. ...or you could listen to what this clown thinks.
  20. I like the back for the 50's retro feel of it. Why they didnt stick to the same script on the front I have no idea.