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Victory Motorcycles ?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by MZ, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all
    Does anyone how much the Victory will be ?

  2. Ok thanks
  3. That's like asking how much a Honda is :LOL:

    Which model are you interested in? I chatted with them at the Melb bike expo, and well, much like HD's, they are pricey and then there's the million options you can choose which all add to the price
  4. Their bikes are HOT :shock: HDs have no chance in looks against the Victory's (with the exception of the V Rod and definietely the Night Rod - they are both yummy)
  5. $24,000 for the base model.

    Harley Sportster 883 is $11,000, $1000 more to give it the 1200cc conversion, and...personally I think the Harley's look a lot better: these Victory bikes are a little too modern-looking for my taste, I reckon they'll date much more than a bike whose mid-century roots are clearly present, but we're talking the relativities of aesthetic taste here...
  6. Yeah but those Victory Bikes are so hot man. Saw the Hammer S and A Ness Jackpot today. Man I can’t stop thinking about em. I’m going crazy.

    Some of the models have the 106 cube motor now. Seriously you have to check em out before you buy a cruiser. I was a VN fan and then a Triumph but now.....
  7. Those bikes look alright, but i think a bit too modern for me. I'm a Harley man all the way........

  8. And I still cant picture anyone I know on a Victory Vision!
  9. Victories are nice, I wouldn't hesitate getting one (price excepted). No reliability issues from what I can tell around the web.

    They're basically modern Harleys for those who don't want a Harley. That's okay in itself :)
  10. and I thought 'blinds' were the only thing those guys sold :?
  11. lol, victory blinds... and now bikes... "leave the wife in the shop while you take a bike for a test ride"... brilliant! haha

    not too keen on the victory's to be honest... they're derived from arlen ness...

    never really got interested in his bike... especially the 'big banana' bike blurgh

    anyway, they do look as said a modern harley...

    still for me a bobber in every way shape and form would be nice.