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Victory Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Anyone had much experience with these?

    I was looking at new bikes a few nights ago and came across these - only place that sells them is in newcastle. Any got any experience with them?

    Are they any good? Any idea of price range ?

    * Note: I did do a search, and didn't get much love from it.
  2. They are beautifully made things with excellent engines and they are being distributed directly by Victory who seem to have an excellent after sales support. Everyone who rides their bikes seems to come away loving them. Great service intervals on the engines as well.

    Loz wrote the best review of the Vision model I've seen so far. Can't find it at the moment, I think it's part of the website he writes for.
  3. I believe that Quikblat on this forum works for them in their Elizabeth St showroom.
  4. They are not a dear as their american counterparts, but are by no means cheap.

    I have no info on quality.

    You do have ot wonder about resale however.
  5. Their design isn't my particular cup of tea, but I read they're rock-solid when it comes to build quality.

    Price wise, they're definitely targeting the premium end of the market.
  6. very expensive for my liking..

    2010 Victory Vegas - $24,990
    2010 Victory Jackpot - $26,990
    2010 Victory Hammer - $29,500
    2010 Victory Kingpin - $24,990
    2010 Victory Vision - $33,590
    2010 Victory Vision Street NESS - $39,990
  7. All of them cheaper than the equivalent Harley, though. The vision's fit and finish looked and felt top shelf to me.

    Plus, the engine totally kicks arse, and it handled beaut, which made it ripping fun to ride. I rate it!
  8. They are all expensive but as Loz said, not too far off the Harley pricing.

    With the new VFR at 24k or so, the XTX1200 about the same and the friggin' Z1 at 18k what exactly is a cheap bike these days?
  9. Pretty good review that Loz did.

    These are definetely on the radar. Vegas Jackpot in the green i think. Very nice. When the missus stops spending my cash on improving the house. This will be investigated!
  10. Go and get a cheapy now, before you die of old age.
  11. The 2010 Vegas Jackpot: Enough said.

  12. nice but still to much $$$ for my liking
  13. Hmm.....Oddball motorcycle, dealer in Newcastle, me in WA. I feel a plan forming............
  14. well u have done it before, so u know what to expect
  15. Do it Pat! Sell the Urinal and get a Victory!