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Victory Motorcycles April Sales Promotion

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. For the month of April, purchase a Victory Vegas 8-Ball, High-Ball or Hard-Ball and receive $750 worth of free Victory apparel. Only available at participating dealers, offer ends 30/4/13. Media Contact: Adrian Givoye Marketing Manager - Motorcycles...

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  2. Really wanted to buy the Jackpot; went to Victory last week. Never going to happen, made for much taller riders
    had to buy a new jacket to console myself - no free gear for me
  3. Surely you could shave the seat/bring the foot controls in to suit your height just like they did with the Vegas low.
  4. Unfortunately didnt sit on the vegas low. Spent sometime talking to a sales guy there, Adrian l think. He said my problem is the frames too big on the Jackpot. I'm 5ft nothing so no way of lowering it enough. Might have to wear some chunky big goth boots! I was pretty close with the high-ball, the frames different, but not what l was after, too manly. He said they didn't have anything to suit & ld probably have to look at getting someone to make a custom bike :( He didn't sit me on the Vegas Low, they would've had one there surely. Maybe l need to head back over on Saturday just to see, thanks
  5. I don't think they make the vegas low anymore, stopped them in 2012. They might have a demo model lying around still. From what I remember it was just a Vegas with a lower seat and shorter controls.
  6. That's a shame, sounds like what l need; l'll look into it, thanks :)
  7. Hi NightStar, I am 5'5 and I have a Jackpot. Lowering kit and shaved seat did the trick. They even put the Vegas pegs on to bring them closer due to my short a$$ legs. Awesome bike with the fat 250 back wheel.
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