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Featured Victory Hammer 8-ball with Bikini Fairing

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by GunSlingerAU, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    Since buying my new 2014 Hammer 8-ball, I've made a few small mods:

    - Stage 1 shotgun pipes with accompanying engine tune. Man she's loud!
    - Arlen Ness tear drop mirrors
    - side-mounted license plate
    - a pair of Viking saddlebags. Unfortunately the first set of Quick Disconnect System latches failed during a ride, and one of my bags fell off in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. I only realised when I reached my destination, so retraced my route until I found it. The bag was badly damaged as it appeared to have been run over. Thankfully the company accidentally sent me two sets of bags, so I've got a spare, and the new QDS latch kit just arrived.
    - a Memphis Shades Bikini Fairing. I had to buy two different mounting kits to get it to fit onto the Hammer.

    So, waddya reckon? I've had a lot of comments on how good she looks, and also how unique she is. Note that these photos don't show the new mirrors or saddlebags.
    backend. bikini. bikini2.
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  2. Lovely mate, looks nearly as good as my night rod ;-)
  3. very nice
  4. nice man!
  5. *zombie alert* thread dormant since May 2015 lol

    but yeah, nice ride!