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Victory Boardwalk: My favourite

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. I`ve been researching the new white Victory Boardwalks. Have visited the Victory showroom at the Valley in Brisbane and talked at length with the mechs out in the service department. 1.7 ltrs of grunt with a smooth 6 speed gearbox perfectly ratio-ed.
    Love the white. Read heaps of reviews from the factory and from owners. All good thus fatr. Any opinions from the Netrider stables? Also love the 8 ball. Victory Boardwalk.

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  2. Not my style but looks like they've done a nice job with it. Wouldn't park it there though, the Devil will run it over in his train.
    In fact the closer I look at it the more I like it but again not my style.
  3. Nice bikes but do some research on the porous heads issue.

    Many, owners have experienced issues with this. It seems that the newer models are suffering more than the older pre 2010-11 models.

    Some of the VoG forums think that all the investment in R & D is going into the Indian brand rather than Victory.

    A friend of mine (and ex NR member) bought a brand new Vision last year, within 8,000Ks the heads and 4 gaskets where toast. He sold it for a gold wing and will never deal with Victory again.

    PM me and I'll request he sends you full details.

    Here's some more info

  4. 42 owners... sound serious.
  5. That's Australian owners, not worldwide.
    Anyway - I have no axe to grind, OP asked for info, I gave some.
  6. Significant number I would have thought, serious? I'd certainly be concerned, not like they're saying the left hand mirror falls off at 10kph.
  7. Thats for the heads up guys. Ill look into it. Thats the first negative Ive heard with loads of reviews under my belt. I thought a post on netrider would uncover something. Its a big investment, I need to be sure.
  8. I went for a ride with a guy on the weekend who has had the eight ball for 12 months and loves it. Quicker than his old mans vtx1800 off the line but the vtx is better top end and more stable on the road at high speed.
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  9. Looks nice, not as nice as a night rod though ;-)
  10. They do look nice! But white? Seriously?

    Washing machines are white, fridges are white, appliances are white... why on earth would you want your bike in appliance no colour?
  11. I must be a dishwasher kind of guy - don't mind the white after seeing hundreds of black cruisers.
    If anyone is handy with Photoshop wouldn't mind seeing it with the chrome bits swapped out for black.
  12. Not a fan of the styling but I believe it's the same as my vegas 8-ball underneath. Had it over 2 years - warranty just ran out, no problems yet. Fingers crossed.
  13. Looks nice... for a cruiser. I like the white. While I have next to nil experience on the cruiser scene, I did hire a brand new Indian Chief Classic when I was in Hawaii a month or so ago. That thing was a nice ride. IMO better looking than this Victory or anything HD has procuced. Was loaded too with cruise control, abs, Multi function trip comp, 6 speed box, and most awesomely, a proximity key so you dont have to take it outa your pocket.
  14. Polaris Industries own both Victory and Indian, their business model is to market different brands to the same demographic. It has been a successful strategy that has added some decent competition to HD who have had to lift their game to keep sales up.

    I quite like the look of the Victory Hammer and seriously considered buying one a couple of years ago until I test rode the Suzuki M109R which was more fun to ride IMO.

    I ended up buying the M109R and kept it for 2 years, by which time it was shagged (I don't recommend getting one unless you change bikes regularly or don't ride too often).
  15. Victory bikes are fast as fcuk, they will ruin any HD.
    Don't really care for the appearance though... Nor do I like the "fakeness" of them.
  16. You've obviously never ridden a night rod
  17. I bought one.

    Not enough kays on it though, to add any meaningful feedback.

    I bought it for two reasons :

    1. It's not a Harley ( love Harleys, but they're as common as Camrys );
    2. I love the look of it.

    Even though it is 1700cc v. 125cc in my RS125, I still jump on the RS first. I'm not used to the floorboards touching down on every turn.
  18. Love the V-Rod bikes, my mate has one. The Vic is quicker.
  19. Heres the latest colours for those not likeing white. I like all colours. image.
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  20. I also talked at length with the service guys at the valley. They get to take home a different bike every day. For pure handling and riding pleasure the Victory Judge wins hands down. They are running a 130 front tyre and a 140 rear. Not as sexy looking as the 180-250 the others are running but the Judge is a very sweet ride .........aparently. image.
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