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Victory Bikes Distributor?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mstamos, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this but does anyone know whether Victory bikes are available in Australia?

  2. they are an american made motorcycle, arent they?
  3. i dont think they are, but Polaris would be the people to send an email to :)

  5. I work for a Polaris dealer and the word is they will be here in the next couple of years..... Don't know the exact details yet, but I can keep you posted.

  6. When a harley rapes a scooter, this is the offspring....
  7. With the exception of the bike pictured - their bikes are "HOT"
  8. Yeah...... can't wait to get one :roll:


    Awesome! :LOL:
  9. Canadian I believe.

    I don't find that bike that ugly. There are plenty of other ugly bikes on the Australian market. Hyosung Aquila for one. kawasaki Versy
  10. Bloody two strokes :twisted:
  11. It's not as big a joke as it seems guys. The same engine was used in motorbikes, that sold 10 of thousands. BSA Bantam.
  12. Actually Victa used Villers engines - that were made in Ballarat.
  13. Yep and the BSA bantam also used the villiers engine along with a few other manufacturers.

    I think there may have also been an Australian bike built that used a Villiers engine.
  14. Can't be exactly the same engine though, the Bantams had a one piece engine/gearbox (much like the DKW they copied).
  15. OH god what have I started? :LOL:
  16. I think they used different engines over the years.

    The DKW one was a spoil of war. I think it may have be the ones they lisenced to the Japs to which ultimately meant the end of the British bike industry.
  17. Hmm everything you could want to know about the Bantam:

    No mention of them using Villers engines though, in fact given they were the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world at the time can't see why they'd want to buy engines from anyone. I've certainly never seen anything suggesting Villiers copied their designs from anyone either - though if you have something I'd be interested to see it (I have family who used to work for Villers).
  18. I've got an old book at home (published mid-50s). I'll have a look over the weekend and see what I can find. I may be thinking of another British two-stroke.
  19. There's something art deco about it that I don't mind. It goes too far, but the underlying style I don't find offensive.