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Victoria's restricted rider rules

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Clare Red, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. I have been a licensed rider for 12 months and have clocked over 12,000 km on my vstar 650. I ride with a group of guys all on big cruisers and I now feel my bike is under powered. I get the whole need experience on a bike before going bigger but surely there has to be a better system than thee current 3 years wait. Some riders will clock up little experience in three years where others will clock up hours and hours in the saddle in a short time. Tempted to go bigger anyway but am worried insurance and TAC won't cover me in an accident. Anyone know of any loop holes I am missing here?

  2. No loop holes. Only legal option for more power is a different bike. Illegally, you can give your slow bike steroids, but port and polish, air filter and exhaust, and any other upgrade you do will be minimal at best, and it's wasted money as the market for illegal LAMS bikes is not great. Keep it stock and do the time... Everyone has to, you're not alone.
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  3. if you are over 25, move to NSW, swap licence there, where you only need to do 1 year on Red P's
    if you've only done 12 months on L's, then you still need to do 1 year on red P's as a minimum, and pass the MOST test to get P's..

    if your riding buddies won't wait for you on a 650.. they suck :p
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  4. U could buy a hyosung gv650 efi lams cruiser and take the restrictor off it. Pretty easy
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  5. short of moving interstate or overseas there are no shortcuts - patience grasshopper

    maybe if you traded the cruiser for something a bit sportier it may feel a bit faster, especially in the twisties
  6. Yeah actually, there's plenty of faster LAMS bikes. Not many of them are cruisers tho...

    The hyo is apparently easy to de restrict if that's something that interests you
  7. Clare RedClare Red I'm in the same boat as you and agree. 12 months and about 14000 kms including commuting and pleasure riding. The offerings are just crap as most of the LAMS range is too tall for me. I can't ride a cruiser so I can't even go that option. Passing is a biatch especially out in the country. Taking off from lights in the CBD, just as bad. Yes, it sucks. 24 months to go and I may not make a very sane decision because I'm so over it now, imagine what another two years is going to do for my patience. I didn't have a lot to begin with.
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  8. I am 9 months in now. 3 months on L's, 6 on P's. The little Hyo has been a great starting bike, and a bike on which I have come to realise that I really do love this riding caper. Before I bought and got my L's, I had no idea if I was even going to like doing this, so I bought cheap, learned a bit, fixed stuff up, bought all the gear progressively, and now I find myself casting an eye over the next bike.

    Currently leaning towards adventure/touring bikes, so Vstrom and Versys, but am yet to sit on either, so that will be a trip to Melbourne sometime soon to case them out.

    But damn, I feel for you guys who are less distance from the ground. I'm fortunate that I am quite tall enough for most bikes (maybe even too tall for some) but for you vertically challenged people, its gotta be a real struggle
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  9. Go and test ride a CB400. You know you want to :woot:
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  10. image. I brought a Vstar 650 brand new when I started riding 1.5 years ago. 3 months in and even after changing the exhaust, hi flow filter, and dyno tune, it was just far to slow. So I sold it and brought a second hand Ducati 659 monster. Could not believe the difference! WAY faster!! Still a mile off a full powered bike, but fast enough to take me 200kph on the PI track and will out accelerate all but proper performance cars. Mind you I've done a few things to this bike too!!

    If you insist on a cruiser, then you already have the best bike for lams.
    If you want to learn to ride properly get a better bike. MT07 with money left over is what I recommend!
    Then book your self into CSS and learn to ride. You will leave your buddies on there Harley's so far behind, they'll hate your guts.

    Went down this exact path, don't throw money making the Vstar faster, you won't be happy!
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  11. The Vstar I had.

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  12. hmmm, I've got 2 years 1 month to go and already done 32,000 kms... and yes, I was thinking about moving home to mum's so I could then get my 'real' license... now that I think about it...
  13. It's better than the old system where you were stuck on a 250cc for all that time. But not as good as the system it replaced where you could ride whatever the hell you wanted.
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  14. Hi Clare RedClare Red

    Congrats on clocking up reasonable miles in the first 12 months.
    IHO, it's not worth placing the TAC cover and your bike insurance in jeopardy, by modding your LAMS bike.

    The only LAMS cruiser which may be more snappy than a V-Star is the KAWASAKI Vulcan S.
    It's also a 650cc, but a parallel twin, not a V-Twin, so the throttle response is different and it will rev higher, to produce useable power.
    It's the same engine as fitted to the ER6f, Ninja 650 and Versys 650, but remapped for more torque low down and less power up high, to make it more suitable for a cruiser riding style.

    Looks a bit plastic, but apparently rides well, and has factory adjustable ergonomics for seat, bars and pegs.
    There are some reviews on the tube, if you're interested.
    Good luck.
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