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Victoria's 14th Annual ‘Motorcycle Only’ Swap Meet

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Petie, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Is anyone going to this, or has any one been to one?

    I haven't but thought it sounds interesting, unless someone says it's crap, I think I'll go, leaving from Melbourne Sunday early if anyone wants to ride up together.

  2. I'll be there, Always a few bits that I need that can be found at this swap meet.
  3. Sounds good and 10 mins from my place so will try to drop by. :)
  4. I'm taking the ute.. you never know what you may find
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  5. Good point nobby... Wish I had a ute, knowing me I'll buy something big then try to stap it to the KTM like a pack mule.
  6. I'm not taking the ute because I think the Mrs would freak if I found something, and with my track record the chances of me finding something are more than likely.
  7. Tell her you're going to Bunnings. That way, she won't know a thing until you get home: It's better to ask for forgiveness that to beg for permission... :demon:
  8. I just bought 2 new bikes, I don't think I've got much bargaining power left.
    In fact she has suggested I do take the ute and set up a stall.

    Plus , she knows I don't go to Bunnings.
    DIY: Don't Involve Yourself
  9. Yeah, that's a tricky one... You could always take your Mrs to the swap-meet and swap her for another bike??? :cheeky: