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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rented, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. This is a tale about an idiot in a victorian plated red Lancer on the weekend. No offence to the victorians here at NR!

    There was a couple in the car at a red light, and he was the only car there. I rocked up behind. When I did, I could see the driver was shoveling his face. Of course, the lights went green and he sat there eating. I beeped him. He had a deliberate look in his rearview, and took off slowly. I didn't think too much of it at this point, I just thought he was a numpty not paying attention and slow.

    So he slowly accelerated, but I had a clear lane to the left and enough room to overtake in the next lane before I would be blocked by a car. I went to do so, and he deliberately closed the gap. I realised he was playing silly buggers, got angry and birded them. Probably not the best reaction.

    I got in front and didn't think much more of it, until he came up beside me a bit later, feinted a sideswipe whilst they were both giggling and flipping me the bird and thinking it was really funny. I didn't react to the feint overtly as he would have found it funnier if I did.

    So I made a point of following him (strangely enough all hijinks then ceased), but I arrived at my destination first and let him go. However, Darwin is a relatively small population, and I will find that car again at some point unless he changes the plates.

    I've been getting really angry at things lately and looking for confrontation. I'm not sure why....but should I just hit him when the time comes?

    Just kidding, I won't, but I might feint a punch and see how he reacts.
  2. 1. If you got in front of him when lights were still red - wouldn't have been an issue

    2. He outed himself as a tool early on - he was in a lancer - almost any LAMS bike would accelerate out in front way quicker and get him out the way

    3. Nothing to be gained out of following tools

    I don't get it - why stay in the same vicinity as morons? You have advantages on a bike that lets you leave them at lights, traffic etc and out of danger...
  3. Victorians are simple to deal with. I carry a laser pointer with me, when I see a Victorian I point it in front of them and then at a tree. Problem solved. :p
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  4. Even a thrown punch can land you in legal hot water. He is a a numpty, forget it and move on with your life.

    According to NT Law for the charge of Common Assault and Aggravated Assault,

    The offence of assault involves the direct or indirect application of force to a person without their consent or an attempt or threatened use of such force. The term "assault" is defined in Section 187 of the NT Criminal Code.

    The offence is contained in Section 188 and has the following elements:

    Any person
    Who unlawfully
    Assaults another

    is guilty of an offence.

    A wide variety of conduct can constitute an assault including threatening gestures, spitting and in some situations the shaking of the fist.
  5. If Darwin's that small you're bound to find it parked some time. No actual damage, but perhaps something messy and smelly?
  6. I get this, I truly do.

    To punch a driver you need to pull up close to their window, assuming it's open.
    You're also either side-punching or back-fisting with your left hand; both of these actions will throw you off-balance and into their door if you're not careful...
    You should also be aware that you're vulnerable to their door being flung open at that point...
    The alternative is to dismount, placing you and (especially) the bike at risk.

    And now that you've punched them - what next?
    They're either up for a fight and you're DEFINITELY gonna get doored, or they're trying to escape into the passenger seat with their seatbelt still on.
    Until you ride off, at which point they may feel brave again in a 2-tonne weapon...
    Or at the very least there's the weeks of shitting yourself, waiting for the coppers to knock on your door.
    And the realisation that these things sometimes take months to get around to...

    Like I said: I get this.
    And I don't think it's worth it...
  7. Yes, you're right, perhaps I should have, there was one car in each lane when I arrived and I went the right lane. I simply didn't bother as it was one car, and I was expecting it to change quickly, which it did. He was just too busy eating.

    Yes the bike can destroy his car for acceleration. As I said, I didn't immediately realise he was being a deliberate tool (despite the lancer part, my bro has one and I don't consider him a tool around bikes) and didn't feel the need to escape. Initially I was just getting around traffic. He pushed his car pretty hard to close the gap - I had a car in front as well after I changed lanes due to his slowness. I let him pass the car I was behind, and then I passed both of them and put on some distance but hit more traffic in both lanes, that's how he caught up again for the feint. The distance involved was several kilometers so he was behind me for a reasonable amount of time (hence I didn't think much of it). It was a failure of my SA that I didn't realise he was potentially lining up to continue the shenanigans.

    There was at the time - I was hoping he'd stop and we'd have a word. And I mean a word - I'm not accustomed to that kind of attitude and was curious to see if it would continue once out of the car.
  8. Yeah dude, that was the urge but not the reality of what I would actually do. It's the venting forum after all :)

  9. Got a pet croc you can tie to the front wheel? :)
  10. Fixed your typo.

  11. Authority was given to punch him in the face when the driver started playing silly buggers..
  12. I maintain to everyone I know who is <110 kilograms that they are safer on the back of my bike than they are in the passenger seat of the majority of drivers on Victoria's roads
    I don't have license to vouch for other states however.
  13. i've copped a lot of flak before for saying this but...

    just show your penis to the lady in the vehicle at the next intersection.
    seriously it does work.
    they will stay away from you.
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  14. LOL!!!! I openly laughed at work reading this... I just can't picture it... (trying not to...) :eek:

    so you pull up at the lights... somehow turn around or get off the bike... and just flop it out? give it a wiggle? what then? just get back on the bike and chill like nothing happened?
  15. I like my Lancer :(. Even though its for Mrs Messy when she finally gets a drivers licence... Guess im a tool :D!
  16. She won't be staying away from me :p

  17. once you've found them and "sorted them out", please come down here to and fix up the rest of the asshat vic drivers for us will you :D
  18. helicopter
  19. this is why i filter... always
  20. What is say its a really cold day