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VIC Victorians can now dob in hoons

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/driven-to-respond/2007/07/02/1183229019087.html

    Seems that the next stage in our fair democracy is that the public is encouraged to complain about whom-ever is an easy target.

    Most hoons that I have seen operating hide there plates, or use fake ones I bet. Same with bikes practicing stoppies, stunts etc.

    Just don't be the poor sod travelling through the area with the only discernable plate to be reported!

    Also you might just vexpect any cager whom resents your ability to split lanes or zoom past them in heavy traffic to take down your plate and say "I saw them spin there back wheel, flip me a finger and over take me officer!"

    Well a bit dramatic but you get the idea :shock:
  2. Bloody hell.
  3. Unless the public get you on video, how the hell can it stand up in court?
  4. Well how does it work with the "dob in a litterbug" service? One way or the other, surely a note will get tagged on your license so that what might have been a lenient let-off might become a fine/hoon offense.
  5. Someone tried to video me! Bastards, I looked like the guy pulled away when I went past might of thought I was going to pull over! I was doing 20km/h under the speed limit too. :evil: :mad:
  6. yea that’s what I was thinking...you would think if you fought the fine that it would go to court and in the end be your word vs. there’s but in the "dob in a litterbug" you can do it anonymously (something I cant work out if that’s the case with this one
    mind you ive been told by (cant remember who, but I think was a truck driver dropping something off at work) that the "dob in a litterbug" is easy to get off...wonder if this will be the same OR if they just use the info of location to try catch you themselves eg if someone dose burnouts down on street XXX every week so if someone dobbed them in they try catch him doing it on street XXX (dirty name for a street i know....but )
  7. Sounds very un-Australian to lag someone in without even facing them and hiding behind a system that lets you register as a covert dobber, promoting stuff like this corrupts society to become a nation of backstabbing cowards, if the police or government want to catch people behaving illegally they should get off their fat backsides & do the leg work themselves.
  8. G'day everyone,....

    Dose'nt everyone have the right to face their accuser?

    Dr Who?
  9. If someone dobs you in. Deny it.

    If they are prepared to go to court over it, point the finger at you: get you fined - and it happens: take down their rego plate when you both leave the court-house.

    Report them the following week for being a witc... I mean "hoon".
  10. Yep. And it's the same with the dob in a litterbug thing, or the EPA being advised that your vehicle's noisy. You can challenge it if you're of a mind to. It means that the witness or informant has to rock up to court and give evidence.

    Last time I looked they can't convict you merely on the anonymous say-so of some, well, anonymous dobber. There has to be proof.
  11. Nothing new. Ballarat's had it's own "hoon hotline" for a while now - supposed to be an article in tomorrows paper on how effective it's been. Bendigo has the same thing and apparently has had the highest number of hoon convictions in the state - not sure though how much of this is to do with the hotline or just the sort of people that live in Bendigo :p :-w
  12. Moorabool Shire has one here too. Don't know the number though.
  13. Not telling me anything i didn't already know about Bendigo. :LOL:

    why do you think i left?
  14. The only way they are going to be able to fine you for it is if you confess to it. Just say no comment to every question they ask you.
  15. The hoon hotline's not just about identifying individual "hoons" - but also the places that they congregate so cops can stake them out. So try and avoid doing wheelies/burnouts/stoppies/etc outside regular Netrider meets people ;).
  16. I'm from pommy land, so dobbing is part of my culture....

    Anyway, I don't have a real problem with the hoon line, but would love them to be consistent in their approach. When a van driver tried to kill me and I reported the offence, I was told by a surly officer that there was nothing they could do, the only witness was a friend of mine and that they wouldn't even take the details down to have a word with the other driver. This was after someone tried to run me off the road for about 1km. When I got angry the officer then threatened me with action! But if I see someone I don't like doing a burnout, I can call, not leave any details and get them a visit from the chaps in blue? I see the wrong priorties here.
  17. From what I understand with the other dob in lines you have to be prepared to fight it in court if you dob someone in.
    the onus is still on the accuser and I bet if you threaten to challenge them in court they will back off at a million miles an hour especially if they did it as a nuisance call or spite.
  18. Just spoke to the hotline and the police.

    You wont get in trouble for giving the "finger" or anything like that.
    You wont get pinged as a hoon for splitting lanes - unless on the backwheel

    But, you can be in trouble for;
    Dangerous behaviour

    It is all associated with current laws in regards to abuse, dangerous driving, etc... Although, it does give the police a mechnism to identify "repeat" offenders. For instance, you get reported a few times for dangerous riding - wheelies, burn-outs, etc ... then they rightfully have you.

    So, common sense people - it is all about common sense.
  19. This has been operating in WA for a while now.

    As far as i'm concerned, ANY digital footage could not be relied upon. It wouldnt take a very good lawyer to get it thrown out on the grounds that the prosecution can not prove that the footage wasn't edited beforehand. In any event, the fact that they can't prove it wasnt edited is in the very least "reasonable doubt".

    The really retarded thing over here in Perth is that you can now report a hoon via a simple online web form! Yep, you just fill out the form and it goes to the local council and coppers. Now thats a joke if ever there was one. Pathetic really.

    The intention of the rules/laws over here was to allow people to dob in hoons who repeatedly frequent a particular area for their hoonish behaviour, a sort of "group hoon" if you will. There have already been incidence of cranky old people hiding out behind trees with video cameras and filming passing bikes.
  20. Thanks for calling up and getting the low-down Mitch.