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Victorian Titles Sat/Sun 2/3 June Winton Raceway

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cbrboy, May 31, 2007.

  1. Guys, I will be there but not racing, should be a cracker always is. tickets at the gate not sure how much they are though.

  2. I'll be there racing. Trying to anyway :p
  3. Well you kicked my ass, slow down a bit next time...then I can follow your lines better :p
  4. You're a brave pair if the weather at Winton was anything like the cold, wet weekend we had here in Albury.
  5. You were braver than me, at least I had wets.
  6. Race Report
    Vic Titles - Round 1 - Winton

    With the engine used at the previous MRRDA round not performing as it should, a full stripdown was needed. Sadly, it turned out that the main and rod bearings had decided to give up along with the pistons and rings. I had the pistons ready to be fitted but the bearings would have to be ordered and that meant a couple of weeks wait. The main goal of this year was the MRRDA series and Yuki from Southern Cross Sports is doing his best to get the parts to me in time for the Queensland round. However, there was no way to get the motor put together in time for the first round of the VIC Titles. So I decided to refit the original engine and at least go to the VIC titles and try to score a few points.

    I hadn’t run this engine with the new Megacycle exhaust so I decided to test it at the track on the Friday. I didn’t want to do too many laps for fear of wearing out the already tired engine but I did need to test a few things - one of which was a new gearing setup. The Friday test was good and the bike ran ok but it was hard to see how we were progressing with out any lap times so I decided to fit the data logger so we could at least monitor any changes.

    Rain overnight had soaked the track and there was no sign of it letting up, so a quick switch to wet tyres was needed before heading out for the first qualifying session. I slid my way around the circuit and although the result was a bit artificial as not all the fast guys had gone out, I was surprised to find myself on the front row. The second session, held in slightly drier conditions soon sorted that out and I was pushed back to row 2 in 6th place. This was ok though considering the sick engine.

    Race one started in very wet and cold conditions and I didn’t get the best of starts. I fell back through the field on the first lap, but gained momentum the race progressed and moved my way forward. Finished in 6th (5th 400)

    The morning warm up was wet but by the time the first race started, a very wide dry line had appeared. Switching to slicks was going to bring the laps times down for everyone but I was secretly hoping for more rain and as all the races had been reduced by 2 laps, a good start was going to be important.
    I got away pretty well but couldn’t stay with the speed of the leading group.
    I had a bit of a dice with Wayne and Jeff (on his TZ2508) and although we were catching Dale in 3rd, he kept the gap and the positions stayed as they were. Finished in 6th (5th 400)

    Race 2 was fairly similar. I got away with the group but got a bit held up by Brett on his YZ450 which allowed the lead pack to make a gap.
    Then Jeff got by me on his TZB leaving me to finish 6th again (5th 400). So the final results for the round were.

    1 Trevor Manley (A grade)
    2 Ken Onus (A grade)
    3 Dale Broadfoot (C grade)
    4 Wayne Forrest (A grade)
    5 Me (C grade)

    Congrats go to Trev for wining the round and scoring 1 extra point over Ken (for pole). Ken for finding his webbed feet for Sunday and to Dale for getting put up to B grade (or is it A grade?)

    What's next?
    The engine we used definitely has a problem. The data shows that although the bike was 10mph faster through the turns in the dry (compared to the wet), it was only 3mph faster at the end of the straight. I would have expected this to be much higher as in the dry I can get the gas on earlier and brake later.
    So as well as hopefully fitting the fresh motor we’ll have a look at the chassis and see if there is anything causing drag and also look at the cooling system to see if there’s a problem there.

    TW-Racing would like to thank their sponsors:
    WIZ Racing, Dexam, Performance Friction, Megacycle, TM Performance, Rapid Bikes, Magazine, Tiger Angel, Tyga (BComponents), Shocktec, Valtermoto, TW-Performance.
  7. Well done Ian! Looks like a pretty good performance given the circumstances. The wet weather would have been in your favour I guess. New donk next time, look out :grin: .
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah, just waiting on the new parts.

    I've also just been down to race rads and Rod is going to build me a new top radiator. So that will sort out the cooling issues.
  9. Got some good news in the Post today.
    I've been promoted to B grade.

    :biker: :beer:

    I'll still be in the C grade class for this year but next year I'll be going for the B grade championships.
  10. congrats

    Well done Ian. I hope that you go on to many more wins.