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Victorian Titles 20 & 21 March at Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. It's just over a week away and it's in Victoria and it hadn't been discussed here at all as far as I can see.

    So.......is anyone racing at this event? Will anyone be a spectator at this event?

    Personally, I'm coming down from Sydney and I can't wait. Anyone else?

  2. A lot of people did Jindabyne last weekend and others will be doing Tintaldra in a weekend or two; maybe everyone's blown the travel budget :(.
  3. You may be right but perhaps Victorians?

    By the way, you look (unsurprisingly I suppose) like your brother.
  4. not sure, Dean. Will let you know
  5. I AM his brother :rofl:

    <sorry, back to the topic>
  6. Too true :)
  7. dean, seen ad in AMCN and there are 2 for 1 tickets and posters around the traps.
    There was a bit of promotion down at the WSBK in the trade expo stands.
  8. Will probably go along on at least one of the days. A few prior things to sort out first to see which day. Are you racing D1300 or spectating?
  9. I'm going for a look on the Saturday, I had entered but had stuf come up on the Sunday so had to pull out.
    Go Ant on the ZX7R in pre modern
  10. I hope it works, Broadford's a good spectator track and Preston MCC are good people (my membership just expired so I'm officially impartial until I renew it!).

    I'll be doing my best version of something that's supposed to resemble racing :)

    If any of you make it out, look for a black Super Duke R with an orange frame and drop in for a hello.
  11. Just been told by a mate at PMCC that there are a record number of entries for round one.
  12. I'll be there, cheering for Will Clarke.
    Our youngest mechanic at work.
    It's his first season on road bikes, he's swapped over from motoX.

    look out for the white R6, number 19
  13. You may be right. The entry list is up here.

    If the rain stays away, it should be a good weekend!
  14. and old man Fergs too?
  15. Yes, the old man Fergs will be there on the 690 as well.

    Small world.
  16. Good onya Ferg, go hard.
  17. cool, The Bears National Round will be good spectator stuff.
  18. If any one would like a two for one spectator entry voucher ($10.00 entry per person for the weekend instead of $20.00) send me a pm before Thursday morning and I will leave the voucher at the gate. They are valid for all 4 rounds. Children under 16 are free.
  19. My new sidecar is miles away from being ready, lots of things to change & make right before it's raced, so I might scare the spiders off the road bike & come for a look on Sunday.
  20. Ha -- Thanks Rog --be my first ride since June last year so really looking forward to it -- all made possible by D1300 (who is loaning me the bike)

    Big field too which is great -- 36 in Bears alone8-[