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Victorian Speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Leo, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. A question for the Victorian's I just got an infringement notice from Mr Bracks & co for speeding whilst holidaying in victoria ( I'm not saying wether I was or not ; ) )& while we were traveling we noticed a few lights flash behind us, there were 3 bikes traveling together & reasonably close to each other. Anyhow we all scored an infringement with varying speeds. 81,84 & 88 kmh. my question is if 3 bikes appear in the photo how do they know who was going what speed ??
    Has anyone had any prior experience ??

  2. My understanding of the situation is if there is more than one vehicle in the same foto in close proximity they cannot determine which was speeding and as such cannot hand out tickets.

    Could be wrong but thats what seems logical to me?

    Plus with 3 (usually 2 vehicles) in a foto I'd say even less chance of determining who it was...
  3. Were you in same lane? The cameras actually know speed for each lane as far as I know.
  4. if you were riding single file, in the same line as each bike crosses over the pads it detects each bikes speed and sets the camera, so its quite easy to pick off individual vehciles

    the only thing you can really argue if you were all riding in a group, rather then just 3 seperate riders, is how did it get 3 different speeds unless the bike at the back was playing catch up, you can only go as fast as the vehcile in front
  5. and with what is said above,
    it can take more than one picture a second, therefore unless you guys were tyre to tyre it can get each ofn you. if you are going to argue the fine, purchase your picture.
  6. Yes we we're in the same lane, leaving a small town.
    I have ordered the picture, hell what's an extra $7.50.
    As for pads this was in Victoria where it's a car mounted camera so really it's more like a radar gun mounted on a car on the side of the road.
    I think they're a branch of the Victorian Tourism commision - Welcome to Victoria :)
  7. Today I went to Bairnsdale in the car (cannot carry washing machine on bike) and saw heaps of bikes coming the other way. Camera car was in a dip near large trees and in shade. When I saw him I was only about 150m away. Lucky I was ok.

    Next I am in Sale and for those that know the roundabout where there is a mounted propellor on the left, that is Raglan St. Sure enough, on the nature strip well away from the road, close to the footpath, there was another one. Again I was ok.

    The area between Orbost and Sale has a camera every time I am there and that is about every 2nd day. So watch out.

    This side of Orbost is just Sale side of Lake Tyres Aboriginal reserve turn off.
    Between Bairnsdale and Stratford, many different spots but watch the dips.
  8. PVDA's rule for driving around Gippsland (or any out of metro area) is to treat EVERY parked car as a possible speed camera.
  9. :oops:
    i just came through there..... i sure hope i didnt get pinged for 3 over, i used cruise control because i dont want to pay the bracks tax :(

    OT - beautiful area!!
  10. so you also get points onto your license being from nsw yeah? or you just pay the fine and thats it?
  11. A couple of years ago on Good Friday going from Morwell to Traralgon. Speed Camera on the median strip where the freeway ends. Radar gun outside the old Traralgon Hospital site and then amphometer strips just before the first set of traffic lights in Traralgon.

    I got done on the last one. I was talking to the cop and he said they were getting a lot who'd been caught on all three. People would pass the camera (still using flash back then) and get pulled over 5 minutes later by the radar. What happened was they'd be so p1ssed off they'd accelerate away hard, straignt over the amphometer a kilometre away and get done again.

    My rule of thumb is that there will always be at least one speed trap between Moe and Traralgon - and often more. (no matter what time - my brother got done for 180+ some years ago between Moe and Morwell at 3 am by a radar trap) - his sole consolation was it proved his RD350 Yamaha could go that fast - with a pillion. :LOL:
  12. in trail or side by side? side by side you might very easily confuse it. In trail though, and you might just have to wear it.
  13. Was it an 80 zone?
    If so you could easily appeal it. Write a letter to the Civic Compliance people and say something along the lines of 'pretty please with sugar on top I'm a perfect motorist can you please excuse this minor infraction' and you will probably get off. I did!
    You could also throw in 'we're from NSW and the tolerances for low speed infractions are much higher and ask for greater leniency or a warning.

    Frankly the system as is in Victoria (Australia in general) is a bloody joke.
    One of the many reasons I'll see myself calling Europe home in the future.
  14. They need to be able to see one and only one vehicle in the picture.
    If there is 2 or more, ask (in writing) to have it retracted.
  15. Your original wording suggests you were all doing the wrong thing so if you do the crime you must be prepared to pay the fine.
  16. "[/b][/quote]

    In the words of the late Kerry (goanna) Packer. Everyone should try to minimise there taxes.

    This is purely revenue raising issue. there was an article in todays Telegraph which showed a table comparing NSW with Victoria

    Victoria had double the number of fines issued, double the revenue. But also seemed to have more fatality all from a slightly smaller population.

    Unfortunately it's a fact that hidden cameras do not slow people down because in most cases they don't realise the have been booked until they get the notice in the mail.

    Which brings me back to "This is purely revenue raising issue" & therefore I put it down to Tax Minimisation. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
  17. Pads???
  18. I don't believe this is the case any more. Some months ago the Vic police announced with a big hoo-ha that their covert radar had now become magically super-accurate overnight, and that they could now determine with pinpoint accuracy what speed each individual vehicle was doing when photographed.
    I've got my suspicions, but I've no evidence to refute this. Anyway, other vehicles in the photo are no longer a reason fo the penalty to be rescinded. Sorry.
  19. in NSW, they have sensors embedded in to the road surface (pads) which are set at 'x' distance apart and calculate your speed based upon speed=dist/time, this triggers the camera to take a picture of your vehicle.
    from memory, there are 5 sensors placed perpendicular to the lane and they are over ~2m.


    |=strip sensors

    we only recently layed the hotmix for the pads to make the cameras bidirectional at brogo and north bega :)