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Victorian road toll in 2013 the lowest since 1924

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by cjvfr, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Carnage on the roads according to the politicians :rolleyes:
    Victoria has recorded its lowest road toll since 1924 in the past year, with a 14 per cent drop of deaths compared to 2012, according to new police figures.

    But one sobering statistic was the fact that 29 drivers aged 70 to 79 were killed, up 38 per cent on the previous year.

    The Age Jan 1st
  2. motorcyclists had a 2.6 % increase also
  3. The cops will talk bullshit about how this is because of all their speed cameras when really it is a result of the latest technology new cars have these days with stability control, collision avoidance, abs etc
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  4. He said initiatives like the graduated licensing system, safer road infrastructure program and the government's road safety strategy and action plan had all helped reduce the toll.
    “We have toughened our drink driving sanctions, increased the penalties for driving while using a mobile phone, released the “Road Mode” app and started an education program for reckless drivers to supplement some of Australia's toughest “hoon" penalties."

    So quick to congratulate themselves but never mention the massive advances in vehicle safety...

    "Road Mode" has 1,000 downloads from the android store, I hate to think how many Fender Eliminator tickets were handed out to pay for that pointless piece of software that no one will ever use.
  5. Same total number of rider + pillion fatals as last year. The numbers holding steady while bike registrations increased by an estimated 10% means another real terms reduction confirming the clearly reducing trend visible for some 15 years.

    Last year there were 38 rider fatals, this year 39. The quoting of rider stats seperate to pillion stats makes things a bit messy.
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  6. it's only really continuing to follow the same general downward trend is has had since 1990. there's no real dramatic shift that you might expect if one of these so called road safety policies actually achieved something real.
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  7. thanks for that robsalvv
    on a side note anyone else lost the ability to use the function to reply/quote it no longer works for me
  8. If you're running Windows 8 and IE then opening the quote in a new tab will work.
  9. It's been happening intermittently for me too and I'm using Firefox.
  10. Click 'more options' then type in your reply.
  11. I have to do that for editing, but it doesn't work with quoting.
  12. Hang on a minute. Last year driver deaths were up around 20% on 2011.

    Driver deaths were

    121 in 2011
    146 in 2012
    122 in 2013.

    The fact is driver deaths are still higher than two years ago making 2013 another failure for the TAC, Vicroads, Victoria Police, the DOJ and the Napthine Liberal/National coalition.
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  13. When has ANY government NOT selectively used numbers to promote their flawed and implausible agendas.....
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  14. Is it just me or do the road fatality tolls mean absolutely nothing?

    FFS if a bus full of tourists runs off the road and everyone is killed the toll immediately jumps by 60+.

    If this scenario was to happen giving an overall increase on the previous year then the hypothesis could be that graduated license schemes, RBT's and speed enforcement are not working.

    I find it pretty funny police taking credit, when IMO it's really about blind luck or chance rather than proactive police work.

    If there had been an increased in the road toll would the police have released a public apology for their inability to reduce the toll? or would they have blamed motorists? seems a bit rich to take credit for the reduction but blame motorists for any increase.

    on the flip side what if the overall number of crashes is the same or more, but advances in technology is saving lives, and I'm not just talking about car safety features but also ambulance response times, fire rescue techniques for removing people from vehicles, paramedic first response techniques and advances in medical treatment.
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  15. I noticed a MUARC spokesperson on the radio rabbiting on about the need to drop speed limits to 80 or 90 on rural roads.

    At least they're no longer on the Motorcycle Advisory Group.
  16. This place has become the biggest nanny state in the world?
  17. What evidence is that based on?

    The reality is that it is probably a combination of factors: better medical care at the scene, car safety features, better driver/rider education, social changes (like not letting people drive drunk) and other things so its hard to pin point a specific feature that makes the biggest difference.

    In my opinion I don't care who takes credit as long as the numbers keep falling.

    Cheers Spocky
  18. Would be interesting to see if the road toll decrease has come hand in hand with a reduction in numbers of serious accidents.

    Or are we just seeing an increase in people who are being left with a heavily reduced quality of life... but still alive?
  19. Exactly, is improved airbag technology, better medical care and so on reducing deaths while the serious accident rate remains similar?
  20. Is it just me? Driver deaths are still up on two years ago. Whether passengers were in the cars or not is just a matter of chance as are pedestrian deaths.

    All the parasite's efforts are targeting drivers/riders and they have clearly failed.