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VIC Victorian Road Toll 2010

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. VicRoads, the TAC, 3AW, the Herald Sun, Ken Lay, Victoria Police, VMAC, RACV, Monash Uni Accident Research Centre and the Victorian State Government put Victorians through absolute hell during 2010 in a so called effort to reduce the road toll.

    The reduction of speed limits, the speed cameras, the massive fines, the ineffective demerit points system that takes peoples licences, jobs, incomes and homes, the inappropriate hoon laws, the VMAC motorcycle road projects, the un-Australian camouflage operations, the police harassment of motorcyclists under the guise of “operations”, the theft of democracy by giving the unelected VicRoads the power to change law, the massive marketing and advertising campaigns, the medias opinionated reporting and the failed Vision Zero results strategy are some of these extremist initiatives.

    The grand daddy of them all was the failed “Speed Kills” campaign.

    What was the result? The result was not a reduction in the road toll but an increase in the road toll. One could argue that all these measures caused the increase in the road toll.

    The Victorian Community pretty much understood that a road toll under 300 was a good result for an increasing population of this size and that accidents (not incidents) would occur.

    As the end of 2010 approached some of the above listed people and organisations realised that their draconian and extremist measures failed. They started panicking and back pedalling and all of a sudden they started saying things like a road toll under 300 was a good result. Why didn’t they say this at the start of the year before inflicting the Victorian Community with so much pain and loss?

    The lives of millions of law abiding Victorians was affected and yet they committed no offence.

    It’s time for the board members and the senior managers of these organisations to step down.

    If they choose not to then the Ted Baillieu Liberal State Government must take action to remove these people and their failed extremist measures and return Victoria to the great state it was.

    EDIT: It's already happening.

  2. Do you really think the Lib/Nat's will be any different to Labour??

    Once they actually see the amount of money the cameras and other enforcement bring in so they can keep their noses in the trough it'll just keep on going as is.