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Victorian; Riding in Other States

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Ive serched the forum a few times but couldnt find any info (even though I know this question has been asked a hundred times)

    Im on my L's, victorian licence. Going to NSW next week, do I need to follow the 80k limit (and other laws im probably not aware of) or do I follow vic specific laws for L platers?

    What are some other NSW laws I should be aware of (parking for instance :LOL:)?

  2. Regarding speed, your allowed to do your usual full limit...
  3. Oh and after coming from viccie i can safely say that sydney pretty much has no laws :p You just do whatever you want, the cops have shootings etc. to attend so they wont be wasting their time givin you guys any trouble..

    As for parking, i dont think you can go round parkin on the footpath everywhere or whatever(legally) Someone else will have to clarify on that... Im not an expert with laws, dont usually pay much attention to em
  4. The RTA and their Victorian counterparts respect each others licences, but you are expected to obey the NSW road rules. If you get booked in NSW this penalty will be respected by Victorian authorities and if points are deducted, etc, they will be.

    On L Plates you are only allowed to do 80 kph on the highway, and any lower speed as indicated.

    We don't have any sneaky cameras; fixed speed cameras are clearly sign-posted so there's no excuse for getting booked, but we do have unmarked police cars and static radar cameras in police cars (usually white Falcon Wagons)

    Here's the hot goss from the RTA web site
  5. Hold on are you sayin they can only do 80ks on their viccie L's whilst in nsw :?
  6. Yes, because NSW L platers are only allowed to do 80.
  7. Im 100% thats not correct... I'll even pay their fines if they get done. Not tryin to be rude but Ive lived in NSW with my viccie licence (through my car P's and bike L's) and have had many a speeding fine on the highway.

    Your definately allowed to do the vic limit in nsw.
  8. Are you allowed to park on the footpath?, i can't find anything on that.
  9. Well you can add that to your breaking of other laws. You must take out a NSW licence and register your car or bike in NSW within 90 days or you will be deemed to be driving unlicenced, and your vehicle will be unregistered, and if you are involved in an accident, you will not be covered by third party insurance.

    The learner speed limit in NSW for car and bike is 80 kph.
  10. Thanks im aware of all this... Im in the ADF and have my vic licence and regos at my nsw adress, which they have no problem with.

    As i am also aware that nsw L and P platers have speed restrictions. This does not apply to people with a Victorian licence regardless of where they drive. Sorry but you are wrong.
  11. So NSW L Platers are allowed to do 110 in Victoria then?

    Didnt think so
  12. are you sure you will pay our fines & say you were riding so we dont lose our licences?
  13. NSW L platers are required to do the L plater limit for Victorian riders while riding in Victoria.
  14. Isn't that a licence restriction though, not a road rule? If so it shouldn't apply to Victorians same as the Victorian 250cc licence restriction doesn't apply to visiting NSW'ers.
  15. I've provided the link to the NSW RTA web-site and the information on the topic.

    After many years of interstate riders and drivers, especially truck drivers, abusing the speed limits in NSW by claiming Victorian licence, years ago now the NSW RTA and police made the holding of an out-of-state licence an inadmissable excuse for breaking NSW Road Laws. That situation still prevails.
  16. The NSW Government has recently advised that ACT learner drivers, when driving in NSW, are subject to the same requirements as NSW learners. Accordingly, ACT learners, when driving in NSW, must not drive a motor vehicle on a road at a speed in excess of 80 km/h.

    Hornet 600 is correct.
  17. Sure will :)

    You have my word.

    Sorry hornet600. Your one of the people i respect most on these forums, i always take in alot of what you post because your obviously ver knowledgable. You are unfortunately wrong about this one though :wink:
  18. I would think footpath parking is probably a widely adopted council parking bylaw as apposed to a a "road law". As such I'm pretty sure you are subject to the bylaws.
    I'm sure the traffic cops have got better things to do than book Vic L platers for doing 100kmh in NSW. Recon you might choc up a warning or two at worst..
  19. But what happens if someone gets caught by a camera?, unless NSW doesn't have points penalties for riding without L/P plates like vic does and if thats the case then the learner plates can just come off.