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Victorian Rider handbook

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ZXRpilot, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Going for my learners in a couple of weeks and need to read this book, problem is I can't dload the pdf off the vic roads website as it is saying its damaged. So can anyone link me up to it, or send it to my email address pilot_666@msn.com. THanks

  2. Go in to vic roads and pick up the book. We paid for it already with the $50 levy. V/roads were very quick to point that out when my new rego sticker arrived so you may as well have a hard copy to make it all worthwhile.
  3. about $8 at any newsagent! Make sure you get the rider one not the driver one!
  4. speaking from experience? :LOL:
  5. Yeah leant mine to someone who bought the wrong one! pmsl! I'm blonde ok but some days not as blonde as others!
  6. Email with a 1.5Mb PDF heading your way..
  7. You're kidding. The pamphlet Vic roads sent me said it had been paid for entirely with the $50 levy, now they wan't $8 for nothing. I know a car park I'll be doing some doughnuts in. :evil:

  8. Production of the recent content changes were paid for with the Levy but the cost of printing isn't. In any case you can download it for free.
  9. can't print it for ease of reading though

    the PDF is encrypted and locked up tight
  10. It's not the cost that bugs me. I'm pissed off because Vic roads are sending out pamphlets containing false/misleading information about how they spend our money. What's worse is that we paid for that too.
  11. Yes , loved the propaganda that i got with my rego renewal . :evil: :evil: Ad's that are old , pamphlets justifying the $50 levy . Money well spent . How all this helps rider safety i dont know. ](*,)
  12. Which part is false and misleading?
  13. Just make sure it is the current issue. There are some older ones floating around. They were changed approx 6 months ago. Main difference was the reference to survival space to be THREE seconds, the old book said TWO seconds. The written test has also been changed to reflect this so if you use answers from the old book there could be some probs. But the only difference I can remember was the survival space one.

  14. The part that said the book had been paid for. Correctly, It should have read "contributed partialy to" or better yet "we don't have anything to say on this piece of paper other than the fact that you contribute more than car drivers to road maintenaince despite doing less damage so we thought we'd just feed you more of the same old shit." ](*,)
  15. is the cost of registration relative to cc's? or r all bikes same cost 2 register?
  16. Vic Rego for any bike for private use is $32.90 (or $16.40 for healthcare card holders/pensioiners).

    The TAC component varies based upon the engine size and where you live, the amounts are included within this PDF file.


    basically for a 126-500cc motorcycle in Metro Melbourne the charge will be $333.90 (inc Stamp duty/GST)

    and for 501cc+ in Metro Melbourne the cost is $455.40