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Victorian racing class

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tack, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. I was out at Winton on Friday and I was checking out the bikes practising. I talked to a guy with a yamaha 1000 (something or other) who bought a damaged bike and repaired it and just runs it on the track for fun. Interesting thing with his was that the front tyre pulled off the safety flange on the rim and deflated mid corner....he said that he was lucky that the thing didn't crash!

    The other interesting bloke I spoke to was a guy by the name of Paul Cassingham. He had just finished building a 91 400cc Kawasaki (I dunno what model..but it did have ninja written somewhere) after having run a Honda. He was an interesting bloke cause he has been riding for only 5 years and took up racing in the 400cc class 4 years ago cause he did a superbike course and reckoned he liked racing or riding on the track better than riding on the road!

    He said he started out slow and was lapped quite a bit when he first started but his pace picked up and at Winton he was only slightly slower than the leaders.

    He said that race meetings in Victoria are run by Motorcycle Australia, Motorcycle Victoria and a few clubs scattered round melbourne. I looked up the Motorcycle Australia site but couldn't see anything about a 400cc class. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site where I can read about his class and other lower level ( I guess you would call it) racing in Victoriaand who the clubs are that run the events?
  2. The 400's are racing at Broadford this weekend.
  3. Is there a site that shows info on the local 400, how to join, where they meet etc etc?

    Looks to me like a cheaper way to have a go at racing.
  4. I guess a 400 grey-import bike is cheaper to buy initially and a 400 won't go through tyres as quick as a Superbike BUT once you want to be competitive at the front of the field, you'll soon be spending the bucks on engine work, good suspension and new tyres. All that being said, to start racing and to get a buzz while learning, a 400 is a great entry bike; some may be happy just getting their rocks-off running around on a stocker?

    If anyone wants to start racing a 400, I suggest you get in contact with Ken from Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers in abbotsford, he races a 400 Honda and is a nice guy, he'll help you dig-up a bargain bike.

    He happens to be in the same club as me (Redline), we have meetings monthly in Collingwood, we have a club day at Winton on Sunday the 6th of March.
  5. Tack another great club to get invovled with is HARTWELL MCC
    Their club championship involves rounds at 4 tracks, MacNamara park, Winton, Broadford and Phillip Island.
    Check them out, if you want to go club racing they are a good bunch to do it with.
    I think Preston is another club that run several events.
    The 400/250 class is a good one to get into, although any class of racing is good fun, even the buckets.
    There was a bloke who raced in their scooter class several years back who went on to race a NSR 500 twin as a relief rider in the UK,. so it just goes to show that racing is racing whatever the class you happen to participate in.