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Victorian police pay $40,000 compo for pepper spraying man

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. your tax dollars at work victorians
    Seems from my reading of this the policeman got in a argument with a intoxicated person on the street, never identified himself as police and then capsicum sprayed him when he went to go the biff.
    IMO a flash of the badge probably would have stopped the situation escalating to where the bloke was going to fight him, and if not then spray away 40 grand will make him think again next time, but i can also see a case for why would you give 40 grand to a guy on the street who was spoiling for a fight but picked a police officer albeit unkowingly instead

  2. Sounds fair to me.
  3. He was lucky he picked a fight with a copper with spray instead some idiot with a knife! If you pick a fight, be prepared to lose, and if you do, don't go crying to mummy!

  4. "I am satisfied that Sgt Logan's action constituted an assault," Justice Williams said in her judgment.

    Sounds like the cop won the fight but lost the war...
    Cops on power trips shit me.
  5. Is there a link to the facts of the case?

    Or do we only get the spin from the media?
  6. Bannerman v State of Victoria and Anor [2009] VSC 438

  7. Phwoar. Link ftw.
  8. and i remember the days when the victorian police were just shooting people every day.

    only capsicum sprayed and $40K compo? win!
  9. Don't get drunk in public, don't pick fights = don't get pepper sprayed.

    Working security I used to see it happen all the time.

    $40k in his pocket and this guy will be down at the pub picking a fight next Saturday too.

  10. Exactly, we just effectively paid someone for picking a fight.

  11. No..we just effectively paid someone because they were assaulted by a police officer.

    "I am satisfied that Sgt Logan's action constituted an assault," Justice Williams said in her judgment.
  12. Which is impressive, as normally the fuzz, prosecution and the judiciary are fairly in cahoots together... especially against someone like this bloke who would have turned up to court covered in tattoos.

    "constituted assault"... the sergeant must have held this guy down and beat him half to death with the spray canister.
  13. My thoughts exactly. It's tough to win an assault case against a copper.
    The cop must been "a bit over the top".
  14. They bring the cops up from Melbourne for that weekend and they are all ready to implement "maximum force". I generally support a zero tolerance approach but on that weekend the coppers are their own worst enemy.

    We know the tattoo bloke is a moron as he picks fights but the the copper was obviously the bigger moron. :roll:
  15. Flash of the badge could have stopped all of this. I hate plain clothed officers.
  16. "Mufties".
  17. More like C***ies.
  18. Would he get paid $40,000 if he got his ass kicked by the random stranger that he thought he was going to smack in the head?
  19. I read the whole transcript pretty much and it seems what the cop did wrong was not announce that he was a police officer, and that he didn't give a warning before using the spray as per SOP's. If he'd done that then there would have been no case to answer it seems.